Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let the Dancing Begin!

Tomorrow my kidlings head out to the district dance festival. I am quite excited to have them perform. They have worked hard and look great. It is fun to show off my amazing students to other people. We leave around 10am tomorrow. It is about 90 minutes to the school where we will perform. That will give me time to study and review for my huge 'ol test I have on Saturday. My class is performing first. I love that because then they get to sit and enjoy watching all the other school perform with the stress of worrying about being next. Yea! I am also excited to have some fun parents going on the bus as chaperons with me. It really should just turn out to be a great day. Once this is over, I can focus 100% on my SLLA test.

I am also happy to report that things are still going much better in my classroom. I have been being much more strict with my rules and that has seemed to really get the kids to focus a little more on better behavior. I hope that it will continue to get better over the next few weeks.

Well, I can hardly keep my eyes open. Goodnight Blogland!


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  1. I hope your class did well at the dance festival. And, congratulations on finally finding the right "key" to good beahvior. I think teachers spend far too much time dealing with disruptive students, leaving them with too little time to teach. Parents, in most cases, are to blame for their child’s poor conduct at school. If parents would do their part at home, by encouraging good beahvior, teachers could then concentrate on what you do best; teaching. It all starts in the home.


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