Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The RETURN...Day 3

The sound of a dying elephant stirred my dreams and I awoke. dying elephant in my room, just my annoying alarm clock whining and asking for me to smack it upside the proverbial head. Which I promptly did. Normally I would have crawled back into my warm, comfortable bed for another 15 minutes.

But....(sigh)... not today. 

I had to get to school quick to get my lesson plans finalized before faculty meeting (that exciting before school adventure that is usually teeming with information- most of which, we as teachers never want to hear because it usually means more work!- lol). My wife awoke as well (I hate that she gets up when I do because she deserves to sleep in and get all the rest her little body and get!) and got the herd woke up, even though they were a bit on the growly side, made my lunch, switched out the laundry, and made sure all the hair was combed and clothes were on and presentable. I don't know how she does it- superwomen I guess.

We had our tasty breakfast of pop-tarts (the kids favorite breakfast) and orange juice and/or eggnog. A quick pause for morning family prayers and we were out the door into the extra crisp frosty morning (or at least it would BE morning with the sunrise and everything else shortly after we got to school). Since my heater/air conditioning unit stopped working in my classroom about 3 months ago (ok. It has been working less than more)  I have been opening my classroom door to find the air inside about as warm as the outside air (BRRRRRRRR!).  I flipped on the space heaters that the school has provided to warm my classroom. Surprisingly they do a pretty good job. If they weren't such a hazard to the kids, I would just use them. 

I got my lesson plans all finalized and made it through faculty meeting. (I was wondering if I would feel all awkward as I used to be one of the interns that used to run faculty meeting- and now I have no connection to running it at all- I didn't). 

School started with out much of a hitch and the day proceeded at a good pace. We missed a math lesson today because the students were dancing for the festival next week and needed the extra time. I figure that this week and next week will be a lost cause as the students work extra hard and use extra time to get ready for the festival. However, the dances are really coming along and I am excited for my kids to perform them.

The day went well... comparatively... I guess. I feel that I did better with being firm but not overly mean and the kids seem to be falling back into line in the behavior department. So maybe there IS hope!  Don't get me wrong...It was far from perfect and I had to get feisty with a couple of students...but over all it was a great day!

This evening has been nice as well. I started looking at all our Tax "stuff" and putting in basic numbers and information in to my tax software. It is looking good for us this year (yet another reason to be thankful I didn't get the principal job- we will still qualify for all the programs we are on). It is good to get some back though as we will be paying for the arrival of our little girl in April or May.

Well, back to Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International...



  1. I know what you mean about trying to get things done and feeling that you could be spending time much more constructively than in meetings.

    Sometimes, I think that there are far too many meetings...

  2. From following Mr. Hughes for the past three years, I have to agree - sometimes there are just too many meetings but I guess you all need them as much as anyone (thankfully all my meetings are virtual but they are never when I can remember to show up, and thankfully on that note, I don't get docked for not showing up to a meeting - lol; oh the advantages of working at home) - I'm glad the routine is settling a little bit but like you said - lost cause with this other activity going on - it will come back to where it needs to be before too long. I know you will have a handle on everything just when you need it the most - hang in there, it will come - I have faith in your methods - Mrs. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

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