Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Time Has Come...

After the camera killed yet another SD card, it is going to the trash heap! I am SO going to buy my wife a nice camera tonight. She loves taking pictures and I love reading her blog posts- it is a total win win situation! Besides, she has had these lame point and shoot cameras for too long! So, be on the look out for crisp, clear pictures coming to a blog near you!

On other news...
I had a realization today...
I am struggling to love teaching. I know that I have great ideas and concepts for teaching kids, but when it comes time for the delivery, I stink! This was brought to light after spending a good portion of my break at the school working to update my morning schedule, create new and interesting motivation plans, and redesign my teaching strategies and style. What did all that work lead to?

Snotty comments
Lack of cooperation
Resistance to the new format

Now, I am not only blaming the students. I am sure, in all my wisdom that I have somehow NOT communicated well what I wanted to get across to my students, but...

Anyways, Moving on again.

As my test draws ever closer, I am finding myself studying less and less. I am not sure if this is a subconscious effort to pretend I don't have a test, or if I have come to the conclusion that since I never plan to become an administrator, I don't really care if I get the certification. What that may mean for me is a huge debt that I owe back to the district and frankly, that is okay with me too! If I pass "Wahoo", if I don't, I will have to see what I want to do. I will still be able to have the credit hours to move pay scale lanes. I am not sure that I want to drop another $400 for a lame test that in reality doesn't tell anyone anything about me. I seriously wonder what the kickback for colleges and districts is that use the ETS tests.

Well, I need to move on with my evening!



  1. Keep with it...we all have those days where every single lesson seems to stink. Those days end and the next day is always a new one.

    Tackle it...

  2. I agree - it is just getting back into a routine, a new one at that and having them understand that they have to work with you in order for things to go smoothly.

    You are making a difference to some of your students, just remember that it may not show up until years later but they are learning and you never know who will be the inspired students who decide they want to be like you when they grow up. You have a hard grade - 6th - the tweeners - too young to be considered grown up and too old to be considered like the 1st and 2nd graders are - young - and they are all going through changes too - preteens - so hang in there and remember it only happens with dedicated teachers like you. - Mrs. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?


  3. I hit that wall of frustration today too. Grrrr!! Really? You're in 6th grade! How many times do I have to review what a verb is to you???!!!

    Hope your test goes smoothly and you move more towards "loving" teaching. =)

  4. Thanks for the pick-me ups my friends!

    Teachinfourth- thanks for the reminder that, as Anne of Green Gables states, "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it"

    Elysabeth- Thanks for hanging in there with the class. You are far more valuable than we let on to our classroom

    Joan- I am SO glad you found my blog (and I, yours). You are witty and insightful (and YES- like seriously, why can't kids remember grammar anymore? Oh wait...TEXTING!!!!)


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