Tuesday, March 08, 2011

And the Week Has Begun...

So, like I was saying...teaching is truly an adventure.

     To illustrate let's say I have "a friend" who teaches sixth grade. Let's say that this teacher friend of mine was sitting in his classroom this morning visiting with a couple of students before school started when a student came in and said one his other students was crying. When my teacher friend got to the hallway he found one of his students bent over crying. When he asked his student what was wrong she said that another student had punched her in the face and kicked her in the back. My teacher friend then looked at the other student who simply replied, "She got in my space". Thus, my teacher friend had to take both students to the office and leave them in the capable hands of his administrator who dealt swiftly and justly with both students.

     On Sunday my professor finally sent feedback back on my 3 page paper. I got the e-mail right before going to bed. The feedback was that I would have to try again because my hard word had not been what he had wanted (which is funny because he never really told us what he wanted to begin with. Anyways, I was SO angry that I couldn't sleep. I got a total of about 2-3 hours sleep total. I finally got up at 5:40am and showered. Now, if you know anything about me at all, you realize how serious this is because I am NOT a morning person! When I was ready for the day I sat down and composed an e-mail to my professor explaining my disappointment in not receiving a grade and explaining what I my plan was for the re-write. I actually got a pretty snippy reply. I figured I would let it go and move on. I plan to go to my parents house tomorrow and do the re-write on the paper and I also need to do my one page article review. Both are due by Tuesday. We will see how that turns out. Only 7 more weeks of classes and I am done forever! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Well, back to the family,



  1. My sister was a teacher of elementary school children. She also said "this teaching thing is going to be quite the adventure"

    And man was she right, but she also said she would not have traded her experiences for anything.

  2. Sorry to hear this. Don't let this experience bother you too much. It's water under the bridge now....

    Now go and kick some butt on you're re-write!


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