Friday, June 03, 2011

Day #11- ICU

Ah...greetings to day 11 from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah. It would be easy to be negative and think of all the bad things that we have gone through here. (I know, because I do it pretty often). However, every time that I walk into my wife's room, and see her open those beautiful blue eyes and look at the love she has for me in them...I realize that in reality, all that matters is that she is made well. is to a speedy and healthy recovery.

Today was also a victory because I was able to complete my application for financial assistance from the hospital. The case worker wasn't very optimistic about us qualifying for help, but I did all that I could do.

Allisha had lots of visitors today. My 6th grade teacher came up and visited. We went to lunch and it was really nice to sit and visit with her. Ashley (my wife's sister-in-law) came with her kids to visit as well. Afterwards we went out for a late lunch. It was very tasty and I appreciated seeing and visiting with them. Thanks Ashley for thinking of me.

Then I had a blast with two good friends from need to name names, they know who they are. They picked me up at the guest house and we went to the California Pizza Kitchen. Now, THAT place was good eats. Then we came back to the hospital and visited with my wife for a while. We laughed and teased. My wife was even writing notes, giving thumbs up, and giving me "the look".

After everyone left (and my wife had her nightly bath) we put my laptop on the rolling table and my wife Skyped her sister in PA. We talked for over an hour. It was nice to visit and my wife even tried to type her a note. It didn't work out so well, but it was sure fun for her to try.

Next, we watched the two episodes of "The Voice" on my laptop. That was nice to sit and hold her hand. Made me fell like we were back at home sitting on the couch and watching TV. After both episodes, I packed up by stuff and headed back here to the guest house. It is now 2:30am and I am pooped.

We learned that her surgery is tomorrow (now today) afternoon. We don't know the exact time.
We have not heard the official results of her CT scan.
We saw improvement in her spirit and alertness today.
Tomorrow (today) is her birthday (don't forget Mission: Allisha's Birthday).

It really should be a great day. Oh, and I am not J-walking anymore. My dad told me he had a horrible dream that did not end well for me. So now I am walking the block down to the intersection and the block back up the other side. I needed the exercise, so it is all good.

Well, I best get to sleep so I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the day!


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  1. Thank you so much for Skyping me!! I loved seeing both of you, and especially Allisha! When she held up her I Love you, It melted my heart. It felt good to see that she is returning to her old self. I miss her, and I am glad that she is starting to feel better. I will pray that her surgery goes well today and that she will be able to get the breathing tube out. Love you guys, and Happy Birthday Allisha!!!


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