Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Day #15- ICU (Going Up? ...Nope...)

Day 15 has led me to really ponder on all of this. As I reflect of the surreal life I have been living the last two weeks, I am beginning to realize just how much of a disconnect I  have with my "previous" version of life.

Today has been a wonderful day and a day of a few setbacks.

-Had two more sessions of Physical Therapy today and was quite successful with both. She is doing better with each session. I haven't been in a session since her first session. I usually use that time to eat, stretch, or just go for a short walk. I am very proud of how well she is doing . She is in a lot of pain all the time and handles it well.

-Her voice is about back to full bore. I can't even begin to describe how much I love being able to talk to her and have her respond with a smile and those blue eyes. She has even had conversations with a few of her family and friends. (If you DO call, please keep it short. Her voice tires quickly...she won't tell you she needs to go, but you can tell her voice gets weak).

-We will be in ICU until at least Wednesday, or so we were told today. Dr. Lichti wants her to take it really slow (which is annoying her A LOT...lol). We were told that we were moving to the 6th floor of the main medical tower today, but then that came to a halt when Dr. Lichti wanted her to stay and ordered more tests for today and probably Wednesday.

-She had to have ultrasounds on both her legs and her left arm. They are checking for blood clots. We haven't heard back yet, so I don't know what the results are as of yet. I am guessing that if it was anything too serious, they would have taken immediate action.

-The Wednesday tests are going to include CT Scans and I am guess more blood work. They are working to isolate the cause of her random higher fevers. I hope they can do so soon.

-Thankfully we have nothing to report that fits in this category at this time. We hope it stays that way...

I enjoyed being able to hang out with Mr. Z today during the no visitor hours. I got to see his classroom, glean some AWESOME ideas for next year, and relax and visit for a while. He also came back to the hospital with me and met my wife. I have a feeling he is going to become a close family friend for years to come. Thanks Mr.Z for including me in your day. Kelly P. also came to visit us this evening. It was nice to visit with her and catch up on the 6 years since we have moved.

Tomorrow (or today rather) should be nice. A few scheduled visitors will be just the thing to keep my wife's spirits up. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers, love, thoughts, and support.

We are going to beat this thing...hopefully sooner than later!



  1. Continuing to pray for all of you during this difficult time. It is soooo good that she is making progress. Remember the motto of the Tortoise and Hare- Slow and steady wins the race

  2. Wait, Kelly and I were both mentioned down in "The Ugly" section? What's up with that?


    It was nice to hang out with you for a bit, J. Also, it was great to finally meet your other half...

  3. Well...I didn't want to say it right out loud...

    Just kidding! If you will look a little closer you will see several BLANK lines. This means NEW IDEA... come on man, you know about these reading cues! :)

    Lol- thanks for the laugh. I had to go back and see what horrible mistake I had made. I guess typing posts at 2am isn't conducive to coherent reading. My typos are evidence of that!

    Have a great one Mr. Z!


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