Thursday, June 09, 2011

Day #18- Adult ICU (Houston... We Have Liquids)

Today started....late.

I went home feeling ill last night and just chilled out. I was so worried (imagine that) that I was getting the flu or something because I felt nauseous and really warm. I knew that I needed to get out of the hospital so that if I did have a problem, it wouldn't be a mess for them to clean up.

I stopped on the way home and got some fruit juice and an apple to eat. Those seemed to settle my stomach (along with some bread and crackers). I was trying so hard to stay awake and finish my blog posting and other things that I have been trying to get done for days now...and then I woke up at 5:30am with my laptop still on my lap, my neck crying for a new position, and all the lights and TV on (that could explain my random bizarre dreams...hmmmm). I closed my dead laptop (battery died) set it to the side (still can't believe that I didn't knock it on the floor) and laid my head down on the motel style pillow that seemed softer than the softest bed I had ever experienced or dreamed of...sigh. That was wonderful.

At 7:30am my iPod alarm went off and I about had a heart attack. Hit snooze...soft pillows...hit snooze...soft pillows...text from wife...WIDE AWAKE! I did a marathon shower, got ready, and headed over. I arrived and gave my girl a kiss. Can I just say that it is nice to be able to do that without a tube in the way! :)

Her physical therapy this morning was AWESOME!!!! Mr. Z showed up to visit just as my wife was making a break for it so he and I just tagged along and visited together and with her. I am sure we were quite entertaining.

After we returned, we visited for a while he took off and I headed up to lunch in the cafeteria. looked like chicken...

My wife, on the other hand, was offered CLEAR liquids. The nurse said that if she could see through it, she could eat it. I guess ice cream is out of the question then... dang it all. She did eat a blue popsicle and drank some apple juice. They have the last lemon freeze in the fridge for her with her name on it. So, Houston...Operation Liquids is under way. WAHOO!

After I returned from lunch, we started receiving a plethora of visitors. THAT ROCKED!
Thanks to:

Bryan Meadows Family
Pat and Kathy Brady
Dale Roundy Family
Aunt Roberta and Uncle Keith

We loved having you stop by and visit for a while. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (And thanks to all the lots of other people that have stopped by over the past 18 days as well!).

After everyone left, I headed out for a couple hours with Mr. Z. He was doing Guys Night Movie Night at his house. Talk about a HOME theatre. Holy Crap! Full wall screen. Makes watching a movie pretty cool. I was able to meet go and have fun. We watched Napoleon Dynamite. I think it is just as pointless 7 years But It was fun.

Now I am back here with my wife. We are going to play UNO or Go Fish! I am sure that she will kick my butt. But that is okay. It is just nice to be able to sit next to her and enjoy her amazingness.



  1. Yay for clear liquids. That is a definite step in the right direction. Broths and jello and freezer pops are mostly what she will get right now - nothing with any nutrition but it will be to see how well she handles keeping things down in her stomach. Still sending prayers up to you and your family and hoping that things move rather quickly to the healing side and home soon - Tell Allisha I said hello and that I'm glad she is doing better. Before you know it, they will have her on bland foods and then a full regular diet. Chat soon - E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?

  2. Yay!! I will bet that Popsicle was the best thing she had tasted, ever!

  3. Wahooo!! Clear Liquids...I bet that was the best tasting popcycle. I am SO glad things are looking up! Prayers for a fast break out of that place. Love ya!


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