Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Day #17- Adult ICU (On Hold...)

Greetings Blogland...

What a day it has been! Lots of positive things happened today and I couldn't be more proud of my beautiful blue-eyed girl. She was a real trooper today.

Not only did she survive two rounds of physical therapy (of which she is going farther each day and session) she also was asked to have her experience written up by one of her doctors to be printed in major medical journals in an effort to share so that others may not have to experience this same situation. I am curious to see the final version and hear which journals we make it in. On of our nurses today told me that Dr. Lichti had stated that he has not seen an abdomen as bad as my wife's in his thirty years of doing surgery. So, apparently is was pretty bad...

We did get a visit from Bishop Bayles and his wife. It was nice to have visitors today. My wife and I also watched America's Got Talent. Interesting season to say the least. We are waxing weary of the drama between Piers and Howie. I think they are over doing it A LOT!!!!!!

I headed home a little early. I wasn't feeling to well. We will see how that plays out tomorrow. That would be great. "Let's get the flu while we are in Provo...". Yeah...let's not even go there!

It was raining as I headed out the doors to the Guest House. I must say that it was wonderful to walk home in the cool refreshing wet air. I couldn't help but think how the rain washes away all the ugliness and leaves cleanness and a feeling of new beginnings. I needed those feelings tonight...

I don't really know what else to say for today. She did great and I hope tomorrow is just as wonderful.

I love you babe!



  1. love that you managed to use the term "waxing weary" lol.... well done. :o)

    i love the rain too--there is something cleansing and beautifying about it right?

    i'm so grateful to hear that she is progressing so well! what a fighter!

    let me know when it is all published--i'd like to read it as well --and i know ricky will want to too!

  2. I'm glad that you both are feeling better...

  3. I am So glad Allisha can go farther and farther each day. We are cheering you on from here.I could visualize what you were writing about the rain as I sit here and type this comment it is raining. Very good analogy. I can't believe you are being written up in a medical journal. Let's just say...don't do it again. We'd rather just be boring!Love you guys SO much! Planning to come visit soon.

  4. Cool thought about the rain in your situation. It's wonderful to hear of all of the progress now instead of the scariness. I'm so happy things are going so well now.


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