Friday, June 17, 2011

Day #26- Medical Tower, Floor 6

Curse You Day #26. You are toying with my emotions.

Today started with such high hopes! I had spent quite a while last night when I got back to the guest house packing, sorting, and getting everything ready to go home with today.

I did sleep pretty well, and I was up and going by 7:15 this morning. I didn't want to miss Dr. Lichti telling us to pack it up 'cause we are outta here. Well, that isn't exactly how it went down. He came and looked and visited with my wife about her incision. He determined that we would not be going home today. That was a bit of a let down.

We had some visitors today. Greg and Heather Parsons stepped by with their two cute girls and chatted. They also presented us with a rather large amount of money that the girl's basketball team earned from their summer ball camp they hosted and had wanted to donate to us. Then she told us about a fundraiser they are going to do in the park for our family July 18th. We appreciate all the concern, support, love, and help those who are helping out. It sounds like a good many of you.

Other visitor's included our good friends from Springville, Colter and Becky Manning. They brought their three cute kids with them and were so thoughtful to stop and get us Jamba Juice smoothies. Those smoothies were mighty tasty too. Thanks you guys.

Keith Brady also stopped by today. He drove all the way up from Green River to see me. He sat and chatted with my wife and I for quite sometime. He and I ran to dinner at a Korean diner (it was VERY good!), and then we returned to go on a walk with my wife, get ice cream, and then send him off to jet back home (before 4am this time)

It has been a pretty lazy day. It feels very off, but I think that is because my body and brain expected to be sleeping in my very own king sized bed right now...

I best head out. I can't hardly stay awake and I am beyond tired. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We wouldn't be this far along with out them.



  1. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming....

  2. john, can i just tell you how much i love that you have journaled every minute of this. i think i already did. but i'm telling you again.

    it has been incredible to read. absolutely inspiring at times. and you have been a fantastic husband through all of this--not in a showy way... but in the little way you word things, and in your incredible love for your wife {who is an amazing wife that deserves no less}... it has been heart wrenching at times, and at others filled with hope because of the obvious help of Heavenly Father, and the material help of the many many many people who are contributing various things to you and your family.

    this is an incredible "story" and i am grateful for making me feel like i'm right there with you when i can't be. :o) thank you for taking the time when you very easily could have been too busy/concerned/distracted to even think about it...

    i just love you both so much, and i am so grateful that heavenly father kept her here for {us} you and your children a little while longer. i am grateful for your example of handling really hard things--and i would like to commend you for the job you have done. i hope you realize what a very strong man you are. i know you have leaned heavily on the lord through all this, and that, i believe, makes you even stronger.

    loves/hugs/kisses and prayers all to you both. hopefully i will see you next month!

  3. I'm sure it won't be too much longer.

    By the way....Happy Father's Day to you!

  4. John, just glad to know that now (by the time I'm reading this) you are back home and life is getting better...


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