Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have thought back over my posts the last few weeks and I realize that my blog is no longer remotely what I had once envisioned. It had it's moment of glory when it became the main means of sharing my wife's updates. From there it has spiraled into a mess.

Not only that, as I read over my posts and stumble on the all the typos and atrocious grammar, I cringe.

Part of me wants to delete my blog and move on in my life- giving up this technology ball and chain.

Part of me wants to simply start a new, with either a new blog or a complete make over of this one.

I am still not sure what the plan is going to be. So  I guess we will all be surprised together...

As a side note:

1) I called Dr. Litchi's office to ask about my wife. She still feels she has a UTI. There response was to give her more anti-biotics and require a urine test. So we had to make a trip to Price to the "hospital" there for that. Lame as it only took 10 minutes total from the time we walked into the door until they were done. On the up side, we were able to do a bit of shopping which was nice.

2) I also texted Dr. Gagon to ask get confirmation that he had indeed written off what we owed him as well as to make sure he had talked to his nurse. He called me shortly after and he assured me he had done both and that we was planning on send a check this coming week. I won't hold my breath on getting a check, but he had been really agreeable and easy to work with.



  1. The title of your blog is "An Educator's Life." This is your life, real and at times messy. Whatever you choose, I hope you send me the link. But I hope you continue here so we can see your growth, your struggles, your joys, your successes.

  2. I see nothing wrong with your blog. Blogs are what they are. They're just us and whatever mode we are in at the moment. I'm not sure what your vision was for it, but I guess if you only wanted it for school stuff, then you've missed the boat a bit. I enjoy reading it no matter what forum you are writing at the moment.
    Just keep blogging!!
    Love ya

  3. Don't worry Mr. H, I'll keep reading, even if you do decide to starting blogging about the moon, sun and stars! It's all good....

    And besides,how many folks can honestly say they've got a regular reader/follower in Kuwait!

  4. You blog what you live and love. That's all anyone can do. If people don't like it, that's their issue. Life is full of ups and downs and different seasons. It's only natural that your blog would reflect that. That being said, do what you feel is best for you. That's what really matters.

  5. Hmmmm...there was one problem. I used to be in the 'education' section but I was moved to 'family and friends.'

    I see nothing further that requires fixing. Well, unless you create a section which reads, "Uber Awesomeness" in which case I'd like to be moved to that section...


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