Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!

July 20th was a special day. It was the day we celebrated having a special little boy as part of our family. Our little two-year-old son is quite the piece of work. Surprisingly, as a two-year-old he has a great command of the English language and isn't afraid to use it! With sassy coming out of his mouth frequently, we, as his parents, are always on on our toes trying to make sure he is being a good boy! We love him to pieces. For his birthday we went simple. We invited  Ms. D, the Robertson's (they were out of town- we missed them), my brother and his family, and my parents. All my son wanted was "blue". So I dug in the decoration box and found some blue crepe paper, a birthday sign, and some mini-gift ornaments.
The finished product turned out like this:

For his birthday this year, my parents were stumped as to what to get (us too). So, knowing how much my little man loves to play in the backyard dirt, they went and hand-sifted 6 large buckets full of sand to put in his sandbox turtle. It was an instant success and he spent all his time until dinner was ready digging and playing in it.

After dinner, the kids "escaped" out the side gate and turned grandma and grandpa's Ranger into a variety of "ships". My youngest son wanted to play too so he put on grandpa's gloves and ran around. What a silly boy!

When my wife asked my son what he wanted for his birthday cake all he would tell her is "Blue". My wife went on-line to look for ideas and this is what she made from what she found (by the way, I LOVE it!):

My son was funny. As I was helping him hold it for pictures and to blow out his candles, I pretended to make it attack him. He thought that was pretty funny and was giggling and asking "again?". I love this little kid!

After singing and blowing out the candles, we opened gifts. He got quite a few gifts as you will see in the next few pictures: A shirt from us...

Hotwheels and sour gum from Auntie Shlisa...

A wagon from us (and Grandma Hughes...sort of...)

My parents also gave him a plastic lawnmower and a cars magna doodle.

The grand finale was from us...

While my wife and I were looking on-line for gift ideas we came across this. Can I just say that my son has put many a mile on it since he got it. It only holds upto 50lbs. so my older two kids can't ride and my third child is right on the border. What is also cool about this track is that built into the ramp are two Hot Wheels race tracks. Even though it took a bit to put it together, it was TOTALLY worth it. I need to add a video of him riding it down and putting the car back on to ride again. He is funny to watch because he will go down and then chant "Again...Again...Again..." while he puts the car back on the track and does it again. In fact, he has become so advanced he will actually go down backwards now. Good thing we have insurance...

This is Auntie Shlisa loving on our baby.

Had to share this because it really made me laugh. It was an accidental creation by my wife for my oldest son. C-R-E-E-P-Y to say the least. After I pointed it out to him,he thought it was the coolest thing ever and had to show everyone at the party the "crazy face".

My amazing wife dishing up the cake and ice cream with my daughter and her friend helping. It really was a great day.

So, here is to you little buddy. We love you. We are glad you are ours. We hope and dream big things come your way! Thanks for the laughs, the loves, the kisses, and the life lessons. Happy Birthday son, Happy Birthday!


P.S. These are a couple of pictures my wife and I snapped of the evening sky. I like how they turned out.


  1. Thanks for inviting crazy "ant" Mindy to the celebration. It was a fun evening. (And I SWEAR, I did NOT hide from the camera... I still say its that invisibility cloak..."
    Great shots of the sunset, too. :-)

  2. I'm really impressed with that cake!

    Happy belated birthday to the little guy =)


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