Sunday, September 25, 2011

Christmas in September...and Other Adventures

Who would have thought that my son would be curled up under a Christmas tree in September. However, regardless of the time of year, this is one stinking cute picture of my Z man.

Yesterday was our friends 3rd annual Christmas in September. Now, three years ago, I didn't know that Mr. Z existed. Heck, TWO years ago I didn't know he existed. However, being at the 3rd annual event was a true pleasure. Our little herd left Saturday morning (after a breakfast of hot chocolate and toast to help set the holiday mood) packed and ready for a fun-filled day. Our first destination was Trafalga Family Fun Center. Having lost all the photos from our last Provo/Salt Lake trip, we wanted to sneak in one more family adventure so we could spend more time together and get some family pictures, hopefully.

We reached our desired destination around 2:30pm. We unloaded and led our tentative herd and made our way in to the dimly lit cacophony of noise, people, and lights. Unsure of how to react, my kids mostly just stared around wondering what was going on. We got our admission paid, ate our complimentary pizza and slurped down our sodas before heading out onto the mini-golf course. 

Now, mini-golf is truly an art form all it's own and our family...well...let's just say it was crazy. The littlest boys enjoyed rolling the ball more than anything else and they thought it was great fun to drop it in the holes that lead to other parts of the course over and over. The three oldest were really into the competition of who could golf the best. My oldest must have seen pro level greens in his mind because he was totally hitting those balls MUCH too hard for a mini-golf course. All-in-all, it took well over an hour to conquer the 18 holes "Windmill" course.

After a wonderful golf round, we got our regular serving of Dippin' Dots and just sat in the shade and relaxed. Phew... and we were only half way done. Next, we did the 4-D movie experience. Well, my wife didn't because the baby couldn't go on it. However, my 2 year-old did ride and he thought it was great fun. I was truly grateful when it ended because I was getting motion sickness. We rode the "Cosmic Coaster". With the seats vibrating, shaking, bouncing, and jolting- not to mention the flashing lights and fans blowing in your face, it was quite the experience to say the least.

When that was over, my oldest wanted to ride the go-karts. So, we all marched over to the go-karts and waited while he and my wife got in line. It was taking forever and the baby was toasty, so I snapped a few pictures of them in line and getting into the karts and then I took the rest of the herd and headed back to the arcade. Our final event of the day.

The kids had a blast playing games and earning tickets. Ms. D meet us about half-way through the arcade experience. We finally dropped the last token in the slot, played the final game, pulled the last tickets from the slot and made our way to the prize counter. The kids LOVED getting to pick out their "treasures" from the selection. I loved watching them point, giggle, squeal with excitement, and even share their remaining tickets with each other to maximize the prizes and ensure that everyone got at least one thing they liked.

We left with a little bit of sunburn and a lot of happy. From Traflaga, we headed to Mr. Z's house. My wife rode with Ms. D and I had the herd by myself. Thankfully the trip was all of about 10 minutes long and nothing major happened in the car (nothing minor happened at all actually, for all you out there sweating the small stuff). We arrived and had an enjoyable evening meeting all the people who's blogs we have been reading for quite some time now. It was a great experience.

Mr. Z let us stay the night at his home. It was quite the house full with all his family staying as well. I think that everyone had a really good time eating way too many treats, watching Christmas movies, and visiting. I am not sure if we will attempt another Christmas in September event in the near future, but it was a wonderful time.

On the way home, we had a good trip. The kids were pretty mellow (minus the last 15 minutes of the trip), no one was car sick, and we even stopped to take some pictures of this beautiful little water fall in Price canyon. My oldest has been asking for months to stop and check it out. We have always made excuses for not stopping before, and, honestly today was just as tempting to avoid, but I don't want to be like the dad in the movie "Hook" that is good at making promises, but crappy at follow-through.

So, we stopped and I took the oldest four to the falls. It was something that I had never stopped to look at in my life (at least that I remember anyways). I can't say that it was earth shattering, or spectacular, but it was pretty and my kids all loved seeing it. We even saw a baby snake making its way from the road to the mountain side.

While we were there, my daughter was showing the boys "how to throw a rock". I loved it! She is such a great sister. I think that it was funny to watch them compete. This was all going on while my oldest was down at the base of the falls snapping pictures with his camera. Since he got a camera for his birthday, he has been quite the picture taker. It is quite humorous. 

We made it back safe and sound and exhausted. I think I am am ready to face the week. It will totally be an adventure all its own as our school has Parent-Teacher-Student conferences the week. I am looking forward to talking with the parents about how their child is doing.

Well friends...



  1. I've got to try playing mini-golf with Christopher. But I'm afraid he won't have the patience to finish the game.

    As for the 4-D movie experience, that sounds like a grand time!

    All the best, Mr. H....

  2. Thanks to you and Allisha for sharing your weekend. It was great fun, as always... and just remember... there will always be Village Inn... lol

  3. It was great to have you guys for a day or so...looking forward to the next visit - whether here or there.



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