Friday, September 23, 2011

What a Whirlwind Weekend That Was...

Phew! What a crazy, but enjoyable weekend. The highlight was getting to visit with my sister. We dropped of my oldest in Price on the way up so he could go to the races with his grandparents. We finally made it to Magna after stopping at my wife's wood sets dealer (that sounds so dark and evil, doesn't it?!?!) to get the wood for her special orders. It is always an adventure to visit their store what with 4 little kids running around. We did finally make it to my sisters house, however.  I really enjoyed the time I got to sit and chat with her. She also showed us the "Prince of Persia" movie. It was actually quite good. It is definitely a "buyer". I was glad that there wasn't a lot of visual violence (blood and guts- I mean there was a lot of implied violence).

We stayed Friday night into Saturday. Saturday was a lazy day in that I got to sleep in, but felt like I never got any sleep. We went to DI and found some great scrapbooking "stuff" for my wife and then I went home with my brother-in-law and chilled while the ladies finished shopping. They finally got home around 6pm and we loaded up and headed home. That was quite the trip.

We stopped in Price to shop at Wal-Mart (the kids had to get gifts for their friends birthdays). It was a nice break. The kids had fun shopping in the school clearance isle- lol. We bought quite the array of items, that is for sure. We finally made it home around 10:30pm and by the time we got everything unloaded, unpacked, and put away (okay, my wife did most of that) it was almost 11pm. I attempted to read for my class (thankfully it is a very light load this week, only one chapter between BOTH classes- YEA!) but ended up asleep in the chair.

Church today was nice. There was one less early morning meeting so I got to sleep in today. Church went well, and I was able to visit all the families that I have been assigned to watch over. This afternoon, I watered the yard and garden and we went to visit my parents. The kids had fun picking raspberries with grandma and fresh plums off her tree. She was so cute with the kids. She poured a bowl of sugar and the kids had "sugar plums".  They really enjoyed that time with grandma.

After we came home we all did our own thing for a while before I told everyone we needed to get out of the house and go for a walk. We walked around the block. When we got home, we all stayed outside and played. Below are some great pictures I took of the kids (thanks for unloading the camera honey!):

This is one of my favorite ones. I hid around the corner and jumped out and scared my son and daughter. She about had a heart-attack. Man, that was great! 

 The kids wanted me to get their picture while they were in the air. They were so silly! They kept trying and trying. We mostly succeeded.

I really enjoyed this weekend. I hope that I can have many more in the future that were this productive and relaxing.


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