Saturday, June 09, 2012

Summer Fun

I must say that the past few days have been CRAZY and WONDERFUL!
The day that Venus passed in front of the sun. It was amazing to see just how small we are compared to the sun. I am glad that we got to see it (my family) because it won't happen again for another 200+ years. Thanks dad, for letting us use your welding mask!

Later that same evening, my son had his second to last little league game. We had a good time watching. Here is my daughter being silly. She got a bit cold from the Northern wind that had picked up.

Woke up early and watered the new back lawn. It has been fun to watch the roots come in and start to glue the grass to the ground. I was watering the garden and noticed that my son's pumpkin plant he started at school had flowered. He has been missing the blooms because the flowers open so early in the morning and then fade before he can get out there. So... Here you are buddy.

My oldest is going to scout camp on Monday (I even get the pleasure of driving him and a few other of the scouts to their camp- Yee Haw!). He was worried because he didn't have a tent and he didn't know who he would be able to share on with. SO....
Of course grandma and grandpa hooked him up with his own tent. He was was very excited and had to set it up and try it out. The family helped set it up (notice our baby girl helping out so well).

Okay, this picture is a bit creepy. I was standing by my wife in our garden and looking at our amazing work when I noticed a huge green patch by our apple tree. When I went to see if it was weeds that I could pull, I found that it was pod of newly hatching grasshoppers. They were all tiny and almost cute. But...yeah.

Later that day, my wife and I decided to make a couple of additions to the kids play area. My oldest daughter had been drawing hopscotch areas all over the patio, so, we decided to add a couple permanent ones. Below are the pictures to show our adventure.

 I think they turned out really well and they kids LOVE them!

That night we had my son's last Little League game. We did one last BBQ at the park. That would be the Olympic looking flame is all about in the background.

My son won his game. They called it after the 4th inning because they were more than 10 runs ahead. After we got home, I had to water the new lawn. This is my little princess being all silly about going on to the new lawn. She was totally cracking me up. I love that little guilty look she has.

I also spent a good portion of the making this resource I have used for years in to a more presentable format for my TpT store. You can click on this picture and be taken to the site where you can read more about it. I think it turned out really well.

Woke up early and watered the yard while my wife did her morning walk with her friends. It was nice to be up and going early. After we finished outside, my wife and I started cleaning the house while the kids slept. We got it all finished up and then I headed to the school to work. I have this scheme to rearrange my room again. I figure two years in the same formation is long enough. I am getting rid my corner table. I think we will sell it. My wife brought the kids for free lunch at 11:15 am and we left the school around 4:30 pm. We got a ton done and I am really enjoying how my room is turning out.

We also went on a bike ride this evening. Before we left, I let the kids get on the new lawn and play for a few minutes. THEY LOVED IT!

 My youngest son was cracking me up. He got upset because he wanted to play with the kids but there wasn't enough of the paddles, so he was pouting. I told him I was going to take a picture of his cute apron. He turned around so I couldn't see it.
 Then I told him I was going to take a picture of his cute little butt. So, he backed up to the table and stuck it under it.

 I then told him that I would just take a picture of him.
 He backed around the table. I told him I could still see his feet. He tried standing on one foot at a time and switching them back and forth.
 Then he did this:
 He is so silly.

My baby girl found the boys plastic golf set. Apparently, she has a knack for golf. Watch out golfing world!

I love the black and white look of this one! She is such a cutie. Love you baby girl!

Well, as you can see, it has been a busy week. 
I am excited to see what the rest of the summer brings...



  1. Thanks for sharing your week with us. =)

    I cannot believe you have moved desks in two years! I move all the time. I always warn my students if we have a weekend longer than two days, then I will probably come in and move desks around. And I do! LOL!!!

  2. Howdy Joan! Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you are finding some "you" time this summer as well! I move the student desks a lot, but I mean a whole room change (moving whiteboards, bulletin boards, storage bins, etc.). It is a great opportunity to ditch more "junk" that I haven't used for a while. I love cleaning and organizing. Wahoo!

  3. Love the pictures, Mr. H. Wow, your son's team must be really good, if they call the game in the fourth inning. Little League World Series, perhaps?

  4. Man, you've been up to a lot since my last visit. Strange to think that life goes on when I'm not there.


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