Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Size It!

So, I have spent the last two days working like a madman to get this AWESOME kit ready for my on-line store. I created this board several years ago and have used it frequently since then.

It is a great motivational tool to get get excited about learning, behaving, and helps encourage responsibility. Will it fix every problem? NO! Can it be used all year long? Maybe. That would depend on how often you let students earn a chance to earn a draw card.

I LOVE how it looks on my bulletin board (See Below). I did modify it a little when I made it available on TpT. I wasn't sure how teacher's would want to post the goal students were working towards. You can see from my picture that I had it set up where the students select 5 smaller prizes to win, and several Mystery Motivators. A mystery motivator is a bigger prize- Movie, Pizza Party, etc. The way I play the game is to randomly select a mystery motivator and put it in the envelope. I usually don't even look at it. That way it is a true surprise. Then, when the class earns a BINGO, I have the number of the day roll a dice. The number they roll is the prize they earn. That way, I don't often give away BIG prizes.

Some of the ideas my class has had for the smaller prizes to win include:
-10 minutes of extra recess
- math game day (no lesson)
- Gum Day
- 30 minutes of free choice time
- Free choice PE day
- No Homework for the night
- Extra Credit points for the class
- Skip an Assignment

Some of the Mystery Motivator prizes include:
- Pizza party
- Movie in Class
- Free computers time (no assignments)
- Major art project (something that we wouldn't normally do)

I truly feel, that when used correctly, and not as a bribe (there is a fine line), that the Super Size BINGO is really a great way to encourage and motivate students.

Click HERE to check it out!



  1. Another cool idea from the master...

  2. Gum day made me laugh! Can you picture thirty little mouths, all smacking away on chewing gum in your class?! I sure can.

    I say this because, a few weeks ago, our little one got his first taste of chewing gum. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of how to correctly chew gum. Too funny!

  3. Hi there,

    I just bought this on Teachers Pay Teachers as well as a few other kits from you. This looks so cool. In my class, I always add "teacher for 15 minutes" and I make them bring in a lesson plan form (just so I know what they want to do). Some of my kids tell jokes or riddles, one boy did a giant Sudoku board and had the class take turns filling it in, and a girl made everyone make cards for a stranger and then gave them out at the end of class.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Teach- Thanks for the thought, but I am far from a 'master'. :)

    Diplo- Yes, it can be interesting with lots of gum chewing. My rule is that after they get it, if I see or hear it, it goes in the trash. I have actually had good success with gum. It is scary every time I do it though.

    Nothy- I am so pleased that you like the kits. Thanks for leaving feedback on the Tpt site. I hope that all the kits your purchased will enhance your classroom. :)
    Have a great day.

  5. So glad to have found your blog via Pinterest. I am your newest follower! I also found Remind 101 via Pinterest and plan to use this upcoming school year. Hope you will stop by to check out my blog at


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