Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting to Know You in 3-D {Back to School Activity}

As a teacher, nothing brings me more pleasure than watching my students work together to create a finished project. However, when that project requires reading the directions, team work, and sharing it makes it even better.

It was fun to watch this process unfold. From putting my students into groups, to listening and watching to see who was the group leader, the group motivator, and more, I have to say that I really learned a lot of pieces of crucial information just by watching.

Since I only have 11 students this year (I know, that is amazing- however it is quite the strong-willed class) I got to participate this year. I sat with a group and worked for a while, then I would get up and wander around to the other groups and observe and encourage. Then return to my group and work some more.

To start this project, each student in the group of four is given three circles. Each student fills out the same three circles. While completing the information about themselves, they share information about their goals for the year, unique things about themselves, among other fun topics. All of this is accomplished while following a detailed instruction sheet.

It was great how well most students followed directions, and when we got to the actual building of the dodecahedron, the kids thought that it was pretty amazing that 12 circles can build such a cool geometric shape.

The assembly is also a great process to watch. It is fun to see how the students problem-solve and work together to get the final project completed.

Here are the three finished dodecahedrons  for my class this year. 
Your class would have one for each four students. So if you have 30 students or more, you really get an amazing collection to hang up. I love our three projects.

Here is one of them hanging on my classroom ceiling. The students sure enjoy looking at them.

I love this project because of all the amazing "side benefits" and the eye-catching display it creates for others to gawk at.

What fun activities do YOU use in your classroom for back to school?

Click HERE to check this one out!


  1. Yet another great activity!
    One might even say it was dripping in awesomeness... :-)

  2. What a fabulous project! I am going to have to buy this one too. My class LOVED the awards kit I bought from you last year. Thanks for putting your time into making such creative projects...

  3. Mindy-
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Nothy- Thanks for visiting. I really think your students would love it! :) And, you are welcome. I love that I can share what I make with others. Have a fantastic day!


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