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Share the Wealth- September 1, 2012

Greetings my teaching and non-teaching friends!
Welcome back to another great edition of Share the Wealth Saturday. I am excited to share all the fabulous  free items that some amazing teacher-authors have put together for you. Speaking of Teacher-Authors... Next week is going to be our first Teacher-Author Spotlight here on Share the Wealth. Mark your calendars  and be prepared to meet an amazing Teacher-Author and be introduced to some of her fantastic resources for teachers. This is a MUST SEE event.

As a reminder to all you amazing visitors, Share the Wealth has received a makeover of GRAND proportions! See our September schedule below and MARK YOUR CALENDARS. You won't want to miss a SINGLE one of these great events.

                               Sept. 1st- Share the Wealth Freebie Linky

Sept. 8th- Teacher-Author Spotlight

Sept. 15th- Share the Wealth Freebie Linky

Sept. 22nd- Teacher-Author Spotlight

Sept. 29th- Themed Linky (Fall Activities)

And now, on with the amazing linky event. As always, I want to send a gentle reminder your way that when you download an item to leave feedback for these amazing teacher-authors. It isn't a requirement, and please don't let that stop you from downloading. It's just that these teacher-authors, they really want to know what you think of their hard work. :)

Have a fantastic Saturday, and remember to Share the Wealth with all your friends. (Hint, Hint: Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, and more...)



"Share the Wealth" Saturdays Participants
1. Book Report Guideline by MrHughes (Grades: 3-8)
2. Beginning of School Tic-Tac-Toe Board by 4th Grade Racers (Grades 3-5)
3. Word Wizard Vocabulary by The Peanut Gallery (Grades 1-6)
4. Guided Reading Lesson - Tarantulas / The Web - Grade 3
5. MTH-Good Morning Gorillas Novel Study (Grades 2-4)
6. FREE Integers Word Wall - 20 Words
7. Free Integer Questions - 5 Lels from BaysideTeacher (Grades 4-8)
8. Jack and the Beanstalk Reader's Theatre by Joanne Gauthier (Grades 1-2)
9. FREE - Perimeter & Area Posters - A4 or A3 from BaysideTeacher (Grades 3-8)
10. Math Journal Covers from Teacher Tam (K-5)
11. Literacy Centers Posters from TheHappyTeacher {Grades PreK-5}
12. Fish Snatch Game by Karla Banks (k-2)
13. James and the Giant Peach Reading Guide by Wise Guys
14. September Calendar Math Booklet by Heidi Raki (K-2)
15. Feed the Chickens: A Math Flashcard Game! from Jan Bernard (grades 1-5)
16. Dunk It Dominoes {Addition Game}
17. DNA Extraction from Science Stuff for grades 8 - 12.
18. Main Idea and Norman Rockwell created by Karla Banks (Grades 1-3)
19. Roots of Numbers Word Wall Cards
20. Preamble for Kids (Ann Fausnight 2- 5)
21. Fix’Em Up Strategy Book Marks Freebie (Grades K-4)
22. Number to 20 Bingo by AliMath
23. Soccer ABC & 123 Created by Linda Post: The Teacher's Post
24. The True Story of Stormie the Rabbit- A Reader/A.Shep (Grades 1-3)
25. Problem Solving Strategy Posters (Grades: 1-8)
26. New Friends" Back to School Display & Book by Linda Nelson (K-2)
27. Summary Strategy Organizer by Erin Beers (Grades K-8)
28. Polka Dot Monthly Calendars
29. sight word flash cards and weather graph by Grella Monsters
30. Tales from Outside the Classroom
31. Classy Classroom by Faith Siegrist
32. Animal Adaptations Science Vocabulary Bingo Game from Teacher Tom (Grades 3-5)
33. Friendly Ghosts Math Work Station (Grades K-1)
34. Three Star Homework

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  1. Thanks again for setting this up, John!

    Unfortunate error on #26: I put in my name instead of the product name. Oops! It should read "New Friends" Back to School Display & Book (K-2)". So sorry!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I am a moron-27 and 28 are both mine. I should've read comments first. I placed my name and not the product name. Sorry!


  3. Linda and Erin-
    I have updated your entries! :) Not a problem at all. Thanks so much for being will to participate in Share the Wealth. Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Thanks for this linky...great stuff!

  5. grella- Thanks for stopping by and linking up! :) Have a great day.

  6. Teach and Kelly-
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I truly enjoy having the opportunity to connect teacher-authors with those can enjoy and appreciate their hard work. I hope you have a fantastic evening and a wonderful school year!


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