Friday, September 21, 2012

Share the Wealth Teacher-Author Spotlight- Created by AliMath

Greetings Again My Dear Friends!

     I hope that the past week has found you happy and successful. I am again thrilled to bring you our next amazing Teacher-Author for your Share the Wealth enjoyment. You will DEFINITELY want to read the entire spotlight. There are some amazing resources (yes, Freebies too!) for your viewing and teaching pleasure.

     So, let's get started.

     Our teacher-author spotlight this week is Alison of Created by AliMath  from Mornington, Australia. . Yes, you read that correctly AUSTRALIA! Wahoo!

This is what Created by AliMath has to say:
"Hi, my name is Alison and I am a 3rd Grade teacher in Australia. I have been teaching for eight years, two of which were spent teaching in California and Washington State. I love teaching Maths, hence the name of my blog, however, I am always searching for ways to improve my teaching and make each experience a rich experience. I am constantly searching online, reading and researching new theories and ways to be the best teacher I can. I am currently teaching in an IB school in Victoria, Australia. I take great pride in the organization of my room and my classroom management skills and would love to "Share my Wealth" with others!"

     As you can clearly see, Created by AliMath has some amazing ideas and resources to share with you. In fact, here are some comments customers have left after buying her items:

-Stacy Mickelson

-Teresa Williams


  1. Thanks again for introducing a great teacher-author to us. Tons of great resources. Your time and effort in creating and managing these Share the Wealth Saturdays are greatly appreciated. :-) Thank you for everything you are doing to help us all be better educators.

  2. Mindy- Thanks for stopping by each week. Glad you find these useful! :)


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