Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Writing Prompts. What's YOUR Favorite?

I have to confess. I LOVE writing prompts. But not just ANY writing prompt. I LOVE visual writing prompts.


Well, if a picture is worth a 1000 words, then that is what I should get out my students. 

For example, take this prompt to the left. This prompt comes from one of my most favorite visual writing prompt sites EVER! 

There are currently over 64 pages of prompts created by a teacher who creates NEW ones each day to use with his students. I am guess that this teacher teaches older students, as I have had to skip, modify, and filter out the prompts that I feel my students (4-6 grades) can understand and answer. However, when you get students thinking about prompts like these:

And I have to say, that the SHARK prompt above is one of my personal favorites because of the vivid stories that it generates in my head.

So I have to say thank you to the amazing teacher that is willing to spend time each day and freely share with the rest of us.

To enjoy the above prompts and hundreds more, go HERE.

I have also set up a Pintrest board where I have been collecting pictures and making them into prompts. If you would like to see those, click HERE.

What are YOUR favorite sites/resources for writing prompts? Please share...



  1. The potential for this is limitless. Thanks for sharing. Excellent as always. :)

  2. I love writing prompts too. I like to find a picture and post that on the board and that's my writing prompt. Other times I like to give a list of words and require that they use all of them in their writing. But mostly, I use prompts similar to the ones you have listed.

  3. Love this post! Thanks for following me on Pinterest as well!

    I have given your blog the Liebster Award!! Please check it out!

    -Paige Turner

  4. Hey All- Thanks for your kind comments.

    Paige- Thanks for the great award!

    Nothy- Aren't picture prompts the BEST?

    Mindy- Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for sharing these! The shark one made me laugh--I'll be using it in my creative writing class today :)


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