Monday, December 17, 2012

Mrs. Claus in Jail??? Creative Writing Gone Crazy!

Little did I know this morning that I would unleash an amazing avalanche of creative writing by my three writing classes. I have been wanting to use my Santa Pick-a-Story activity this year, but hadn't found a time to stick it in.

I scheduled an entire writing period in each class for it. I wanted the students to have time to have fun with it. I was NOT disappointed. 

The students started by getting the Pre-writing organizer. I explained how to use it and then I took around my two containers with the Santa (characters) in one bin, and the Toy Bags (settings) in another. Each student chose one from each container. I learned from my Turkey Pick-a-Story freebie that students needed a place to write down the setting and character they drew.

Students then had to complete the organizer with a problem and resolution/solution. This led to a great reminder discussion of the important parts of a story!

Once students complete their pre-writing organizer, they were able to get a piece of writing stationary. Each of my three classes has an assigned class color. So you may see different colors in the different pictures. On the stationary, I had the students again write the character and setting from their drawn pieces, add the title in the box at the top, and then write their story on the lines. I didn't have the students, in this event, do a rough draft, I did it more as an extended quick write.

After students finished, they were able to share with the class if they choose to. I was excited by the number of students who shared. I must say that I had some pretty bizarre stories written. Ya know, like Mrs Santa being a 3 year war vet who ends up in jail for stealing Comet's car. Or, a war between the snowflakes and pine trees. Oh, and don't forget the story where Mrs. Claus is selling Santa's toys to make some cash on the side. I tell you, there were so many funny, crazy, and honestly FRIGHTENING stories. They were truly a joy to read over.

When everyone finished, they made an amazing bulletin board display that will be catching every student in the school's attention for the next few days! I must say, I have really enjoyed how much the kiddos enjoyed writing their stories and sharing them with each other.

What writing activities do YOU do for the holidays?


(P.S. If you are interested in checking out this activity, you can click HERE to learn more. Below is also a picture of what you get in the kit.)


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun!!!

  2. Thanks Nothy! I have really enjoyed sharing my pick-a-story sets. I have a fun idea planned for January as well. Wahoo!


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