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Share the Wealth- January 5, 2013

Happy 2013 My Dear Friends!

I am excited to greet you in this new year and bring you the first Share the Wealth Freebie Linky of 2013! WAHOO!

I hope that you have had fantastic break and are geared up and ready  for Monday (or for those of us who started already, geared up for the new week). I know that I spend time looking for great resources and MAKING great resources (if I do say so myself).

With this new year, comes new changes. In the future, you will be seeing some minor changes to Share the Wealth. As we continue to grow and expand, choices have to be made. So be on the look out for some tweaks and such in the coming weeks. :)

Speaking of change, I somehow managed to be included in an amazing group of upper grade teacher-authors who have banded together to bring you the best that Upper Elementary has to offer. the blog is called All Things Upper Elementary. when you get done browsing the goodness below, I encourage you to click on over and check it out. I will tell you that we JUST started and so things are still new, but I truly think this will become a major hot spot for upper elementary teachers. If you like what you see (and I really think you will, I mean after all, I am a contributor- ha ha), follow the blog and enjoy the benefits.

And with that, let's get on with the linky party!

As always, remember to click on a SOCIAL MEDIA button at the bottom of the this posting to Share the Wealth with your friends.

-MrHughes :0)

"Share the Wealth" Saturdays Participants
1. New Years Goals Mobile by MrHughes (Grades 3 )
2. *UPDATED* Snowflake Borders by Graphics From the Pond (All Grades)
3. Famous Dinner Table Writing (Grades 4-8) by The Peanut Gallery
4. What Good Writers Do
5. Nervous and Endocrine System Organizer for Grades 7-10
6. Identifying Variables Practice (Grades 6-10)
7. Biography or Memoir Book Report Grades 6-8
8. New Years Dice Coloring Sheet (grades K-2)
9. Winter Words Synonyms by Charlee Allen Grades 3-6
10. Happy New Year' Song with karaoke version (Grades K-5)
11. How to Answer Text-Based Questions by Darlene Anne (Grades 4-8)
12. Nervous and Endocrine System Graphic Organizer by TaraL
13. Winter Solstice Grades 6-12 by TaraL
14. New Year Creative Writing by Christine Maxwell (3-8 Grades)
15. Metric Meter Posters by Kimberley Quinn (Grades 4 5)
16. New Year's Resolutions Poem from It's About Time Teachers (Grades 3 - 6)
17. New Year's Freebie by Lisa Lilienthal 2nd~5th
18. Happy New Year Traditions Handout
19. Happy New Year Word Search Activity
20. January freebie
21. Graph Task Cards - Grades 1-2
22. Guided Reading Note Taking Templates from Kasey Kiehl (Grades 5-8)
23. It's a New Year Writing Activity from Andrea M. Bentley (Grades: 4-10)
24. Game: Assassination on the Ancient Nile mystery Kathy Applebee (7-12)
25. Common Core Assessment from Math to the Core (Grade 8)
26. Winter Color by Sum Game by Teacher Tam (PreK to first)
27. Tic Tac Toe Word Work Practice-Primary Paradise (K-5)
28. Multi-Step Equations Relay Race by Gina Wilson (Grades 7-12)
29. It's a New Year Writing Activity from Andrea M. Bentley (Grades: 4-9)
30. Comprehension Task Cards by Jen Bengel
31. New Teacher Resume Set by Michele Luck (For all grades)
32. Envelope Flippable Template from 4mulaFun (Grades 2-12)
33. Valentine Writing Papers Created by Christine Maxwell (PreK-2)
34. Work Order created by Stephanie from Middle School Matters blog
35. Team Posters for Group Work by TheHappyTeacher (All Grades)
36. What's My Sound? Letter Y Word Sort from Fishyrobb (grades 1-2)
37. Fairy Tale Quote (Ann Fausnight )
38. New Year Punch Cards
39. Community Helpers Emergent Reader by Erin Palleschi (Grades Pre-K-1)
40. Super Bowl Word Family Sort by Learning Harbor (Cheryl Litton) (Grades K - 3)
42. Penguin Chick Venn Diagram by Samantha Harrell (grades 2-5)
43. Spot the Imposter by Teaching by Hart (Grades 4-8)
44. Reward Coupons by First Grade in Foxwell Forest
45. A Brainy Activity (add and visually display fractions) by Mary Carr (grades 4-8)
46. Snowman Number to Picture Match, Loving Primary (K-1)
47. Fav posts for 2013 pre k-2
48. Snowman Sequencing 1-120 (K-2)
49. Happy-2013-A-Self-Reflection-Craft by Leah MG Abatiell (Grades: K-4)
50. Snowman Numbers by Krazy for Kindergarten (grades pre-k-1)
51. All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury
52. Over 250 Writing Prompts/Journal Topics
53. Black History Month Projects
54. Irony in The Catcher in the Rye
55. Frosty Relay from MissMathDork (grades 6-8)
56. Snowball Antonyms from Ruth S. (Grades 4-6)
57. Non-Fiction CCCS Reading Strategy Scaffold
58. Unit Test for the play A Raisin in the Sun
59. Scientific Method Posters and Activities
60. Palindromes for January
61. 5th and 6th Grade CCS Math Signs
62. French Door Decor by Teaching FSL (any grade)
63. January Activities by Margaret Whisnant (Grades 6-8)
64. Reducing Wordy Sentences from Charlene Tess (Grades 7-12)
65. Preposition Task Cards: Valentine Themed Grades 4 & 5
66. Carrie Lane
67. Compliments Tally Sheet
68. Happy New Year Handout by HappyEdugator
69. Happy New Year Word Search by HappyEdugator

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting these and allowing us to join in! It's great to have so many freebies in one place!

    I also love the name!

    First Grade in Foxwell Forest

  2. Thanks for hosting!

    Unfortunately, please ignore number 59 and 60. I don't know if it could be deleted, but I put my name instead of the name of the product. :(

  3. No Fear Melissa-
    I have corrected it. Thanks for linking up. You ROCK! :)

  4. My first time linking up! Yay!

  5. Wahoo Jennifer. So glad to have you join us here at Share the Wealth! I hope to see you and everyone else regularly! :)

  6. Thanks for a great linky and I love your mobile idea! I am going to use it when I go back next week!
    Deborah Hayes
    aka HappyEdugator

  7. Hey Deborah,
    Thanks for being a part of Share the Wealth! :) So happy that my Mobile will be useful for you.

  8. :) I love your blog, too! I will follow. Thanks again!


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