Monday, December 31, 2012

An Educator's Life's Top 10 Posts of 2012

Greetings My Dear Friends!

I can NOT believe that we have reached this final few hours of 2012. It has been an exciting and challenging year all rolled into one. A lot has happened both professionally and personally that has pushed me to explore new boundaries and experiences I didn't think would ever have to face. But, as they say, what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. And, since I am apparently not dead, I must then deduce that I have become stronger.

If not, that's what I am going with anyways. :) I wish I could name all the amazing friends I have made this year. Two special ones come to mind, Mrs. S from The Peanut Gallery, and Mel from Graphics From the Pond. These two ladies (among many other wonderful friends) have really helped to push me to be my best and not ever give up, which I almost did, many times on my TpT Shop. Thanks you two amazing ladies.

I am going to sign off so I can enjoy the rest of 2012 with my family that has come to visit. I wish for each of you an amazing 2013!

Before I go, I wanted to recap for you (and for me) the Top 10 most viewed 2012 posts on this blog this year!

Cheers, My Friends-
MrHughes :0)

#10) Time For The Yearly Family Video (Elf Yourself 2012)
-It just wouldn't be right not to make a video with all of my kids. Unfortunately, they don't make a video option for 8, so we had to do a two part series this year. :)

#9) Share the Wealth- December 15, 2012
I have truly enjoyed doing Share the Wealth this year. I started this in July, I think and it has become a sharing sensation. If you ever need a freebie, this is the place to look.

#8) LET THE SNOWBALL (sight word) FIGHT BEGIN (and it's school approved!)
I was shocked this was a top viewed post, but glad. I had the idea for this game in my head for several months before I was able to get the clip art I needed to make it. I love how it turned out and I think it will be one of my favorite sight word games of all time.

#7) Mrs. Claus in Jail??? Creative Writing Gone Crazy!
When my Turkey Pick-A-Story made the TpT Newsletter and went viral, I knew that I wanted to continue making this series. My holiday edition was a big hit both in my store and with my students. They came up with some crazy stories. Sigh... what a great time that was.

#6) Trimming the Tree With Sight Words
Decorating the Christmas tree is something that I have enjoyed since I can remember. I was delighted when I found all the clip art I needed to make a game that lets kids decorate their own Christmas tree while practicing reading.

#5) Book Reports As You've Never Seen Before
When I made my first dodecahedron kit, I never dreamed that I would end up with 7 kits and counting. But, here it is...

#4) 4-Types of Sentences: Harder Than It Seems
I have struggled with getting my students to remember the four types of sentences (and still do honestly), but my wife and I came up with some fun activities to help make the ideas stick. I think it may have worked! Now, if I could just get them to remember their parts of speech!

#3) An In-Depth Tour of Mr. Hughes' Room
At first I was very hesitant to share my classroom with the world wide web. But, I realized that I am proud of my room and wanted to share it with everyone.

#2) Sneak Peek at Mr. Hughes' Room
This was my test run to see if anyone was want to see... I guess being the #2 viewed post means that I made a good choice.

#1) Rewards Made Easy
I can't believe this has been my #1 viewed post this year. WAHOO! When I came up with this idea, I never dreamed other teachers would want to try it out. Thanks for making me feel like I CAN come up with good ideas. :)



  1. You are SO sweet! Thanks for being my friend. Here's to another year of friendship in 2013! :) Happy New Year!

  2. No... THANK YOU! I truly cherish your friendship. Happy New Year Dear Friend!

  3. Hi John!

    I just wanted to send a little message saying how excited I am to be collaborating with you on our new blog, "All Things Upper Elementary." It is going to be awesome to be working with you and our other amazing teacher friends:)

    Happy New Year!

  4. Jen-
    I am so excited as well. I know that it is going to be amazing! Wahoo!


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