Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Classroom Tip You Will Love!

Okay Teaching Friends,
I have been wanting to share this tip for a long time, and I finally took down a bulletin board yesterday and had my wife film me so I could SHOW you, rather than try to do a lot of explaining. After all,  picture is worth a 1000 words, to this will make you a word millionaire! WAHOO!
If you are like me, and tired of taking staples out of everything before you change out a bulletin board (and/or cleaning up the gazillion staples that are all over the floor, then this really is a great trick. 
Just keep in mind that whatever you plan to save needs to be taken off first! This has saved me a lot of time and I hope it works for you too.

Thanks for stopping by.
-Mr. Hughes


  1. Oh how very smart! So simple and yet I never thought of it. Thanks for posting!

    1. Greetings!
      Thanks for stopping by. It is so nice to hear from you again. I hope all is well! :)

  2. What a fabulous idea! I miss having bulletin boards. My Junior High classroom just has painted cinderblock.

    1. Thanks Joan!
      I guess there is a lot to say about cinder block as well! :)
      At my last school, our principal bought us chart rail and mounted it to the top of the wall at the ceiling level. Then we could hang "stuff" from it.

  3. I miss bulletin boards... Guess my virtual classroom will just have to settle for my blog being my bulletin board.


    1. Well, just think- that will be much easier to change out, AND, you will have a lot more "viewers" for your ideas! :) I wish you continued success in your new endeavor. Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

  4. So simple! I always have my students get the the staples out as a "classroom job" but this is MUCH easier! Thanks for sharing!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

    1. Joanne,
      Sorry I just found your comment! I appreciate your thoughts. I too had my students pulling staples, but this is a game changer- will save you so much time!


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