Sunday, March 17, 2013

Journey into Poetry Land- Form #2- Cinquain (Post #10)

Welcome back to my blog post series: Journey into Poetry Land. This is post #9 in the series. Post #1 is on the All Things Upper Elementary collaborative blog of which I am a contributor. Read it by clicking HERE. The rest are here on my own blog. Just search for "Journey into Poetry Land" on the left side in the search box! And now... on to post #10!

Funny story! When I originally planned this unit, I had written QUANTRAIN! But, when I made all the copies for my students, I discovered that I had copied CINQUAIN- Not this same thing- AT ALL!

So, I went with what I had copied. I am glad it worked out the way it did- after all everything happens for a reason. This form because one my students favorite.

Because I switched mid-stream to this form, I did NOT have a mentor text available. Hence, I modeled several attempts at this form or them, went over the guided instruction page, and drew out a scaffold template for them. Here are the student examples:

This next one is one of my absolute favorites from this class:

Cooked Meat
Chewing, Swallowing, Smiling
Lettuce stacked onto Cheese

While is doesn't maybe follow perfect form, this student caught on to the feeling that should go into poetry. LOVE IT!

Here you can see where the student drew out the template to follow.

This is an interesting example. I thought his made up word "Mathy" was hilarious. Most of the other words I have no idea what was said.

We spent most of the class time just writing lots of examples and sharing. We had a good time laughing and having fun. In fact, this turned out to be one of the favorite forms we studied in this unit. I loved teaching this form, even though it was very unexpected.

WAHOO! More coming soon. Thanks for reading and stop by again soon,

-Mr. Hughes

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