Friday, June 21, 2013

Most Wishlisted Item Linky Party!

Hey friends!
Who doesn't love a good party???
I am linking up with Classroom Confections' Most Wish Listed Items by Top Teachers! I guess I can consider myself a top teacher...he he. If not, well, I am linking up anyways!

So, are you curious to see which of my current 152 items is the most wished for? I was too. I don't really check that statistic very often.

Drum roll please...


It is:

I do have to admit this IS one of my most favorite items I have created by my kiddos. My students loved the hands-on aspect of it, plus they always love to see the finished dodecahedrons hanging in our classroom. It is so festive and eye-catching.
You can click on this picture to see more of what's included.

Click HERE to visit my shop and read more about it. Plus there are links there to blog posts from teachers who have purchased and used this item in their classrooms. Fun to read!

Because I am linking up, I am going to offer this item at 10% off for today, June 21. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the Most Wishlisted Items Linky. I think it is fun to just browse and see what the current trend is.

Have a wonderful day-
-Mr. Hughes

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