Saturday, June 22, 2013

Share the Wealth- Teacher-Author Spotlight- Wise Guys

An Educator's Life welcomes some amazing teacher-authors who work together under the name of Wise Guys! Rather than fill the page with words that won't be read, let's get right to the introductions.

When I asked them to tell me about themselves, here is what they said to me, "Wise Guys has a combined 30 + years of teaching experience at the intermediate and middle school levels. We pride ourselves on creating activities that are meaningful for students and aligned with the Common Core Standards."

That is totally awesome that they have 30+ years of experience in working with kids and learning what does and doesn't work well. AND, they align their resources to the Common Core, which is going to be so vital for almost ALL the US teachers in the next year or two.

And speaking of CCSS (Common Core State Standards) aligned resources, check THESE great resources out:

Teacher-Author Spotlight Resources Participants







Did you notice the THREE great FREE items listed there? WAHOO! You can download ALL 124 of their free items by clicking HERE!

I hope you have a while if you want to browse their store. They have over 1100 resources to choose from! That is CRAZY! 1,100 resources. Mind boggling. And, they have a 3.9/4.0 rating earned from over 2400 feedback votes from teachers! That is pretty amazing too!

The item that I wanted to share with you today is Wise Guy's FREE 8 page Guided Reading Tips, Hints, Strategies, Activities, and Ideas packet. This handy little packet is the PERFECT thing for new and experienced teachers alike. As I read over the pages, I thought how nice it was to have all the information in a neat and tidy little packet. And then I got to the student version. AWESOME! It is a great interactive resource that required the kiddos to read AND write as they learn about good reading strategies.
Check out these pictures to see what you will get when you download the packet.

You can see why it has been downloaded over 18,500 times! That's a LOT of evidence that it is a useful resource. It also has a 4.0/4.0 rating.

You can find the Wise Guys on Teachers Pay Teachers, their BLOG, Pinterest, and Facebook. That is a lot of great ways to collaborate with these amazing educators! Go ahead, click on over to one of their sites and say hello.

Have a great Saturday, and remember to Share the Wealth by click on a social media button (Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) at the bottom of the post.

-Mr. Hughes 

Please Note: This was NOT a paid review of this teacher-author. Neither money nor product influenced my opinions or statements about this seller and his/her products. Also, prices, ratings, and changes to products after my review may occur, but I do strive to give the most current and accurate information possible at the time of this posting.

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