Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2013- A Year in Review

Greetings Friends!
     As we all sit here in the final minutes of 2013, I can't help but reflect back over the year. It has been a good year, I think. There have been many ups and down, just as a good year should have. For, if we only have lots of ups, we would never know the downs. Something  that we all need in our lives.
     Last year I simply took the top 10 most viewed posts and linked you to them. After much thought, I think I will stick with a similar format. I will pull the top 10 most viewed posts and share them. I challenge you to think back over YOUR past 365 days and share some highlights of your year as well. :)

I wish you a very Happy New Year!
Mr. Hughes

#10) A"MAZE"ing Plural Nouns!
I have loved making and using my Mystery Mazes. This posts shows my first time introducing them to a class. It was a lot of fun and they asked for more. Wahoo!

#9) Share the Wealth Freebie Linky- July 27, 2013 (And a HUGE Back to School Giveaway!)
Share the Wealth has been my small way of giving back to you, my amazing supporters and friends. I hope you find them useful and are able to get lots of great ideas to use in your homes and classrooms.

#8) 100th Day of School 3-D Style
The 100th day of school. It is closer than we could ever believe. I was laughing with my administrator the other day. 100 days is only about 1/2 way, but it seems so much further. The post shows one of my dodecahedron projects being created by a class. It is a great project that takes several days/class periods to complete. So much fun to make.

#7) Share the Wealth- RING IN THE NEW YEAR with FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS!
I think it is great that this post (which was still a live linky at the time of THIS posting) is in the top 10. SO MANY amazing resources to use with all grade levels. I think you will like them.

#6) It's Time to Teach TIME- Elapsed Time that is!
Elapsed time for ANY grade is a challenge. This fun Order Up! set was the focus of this post. Not only to show ways to teach elapsed time, but to also model how to use Order Up! WAHOO!

#5) Back to School with an Interactive Mobile Project!
Back to School! Now THERE is a phrase that came and went. Phew. But this project is one that I STILL have sitting in the corner of my room. The students will notice them once in a while and say, "Oh yeah! I remember working with so-and-so. That was fun!". Enough said.

#4) Poetry Tool #1- Rhythm
Last year was the year of the poet in my room. My students had had very little exposure to it and as a new writing teacher for 3 grade levels, I wanted to them to have a good foundation. We spend about 9 weeks studying different aspects of poetry. This is one of the many posts about the Journey into Poetry Land (as I called the series of posts).

#3) Bring in the NEW YEAR with a...MOBILE!
This is the post you need to read RIGHT NOW! It will help you be prepared for Thursday, if you go back this week like ME, or MONDAY, if you are really, really lucky. :)

#2) A Classroom Tip You Will Love!
I figured this out a couple of years ago, and thought, 'I should share this with other teachers". My wife, the amazing iPod camera woman made it all possible, and Mel from Graphics from the Pond make the simple header for me. Hope you like the tip too!

#1) "Read-Aloud Round-Up" Book Share
This has been my pride and joy this year. It is my hope to see it grow and grow over the years ahead. :)  If you haven't checked it out- please do! Suggested read aloud books for grades 3-8! WAHOO!


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