Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home Again, Home Again...

Seriously- NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING beats coming home. We made it home around 7pm and I set up the new lawn pump and watered our lawn. I am frustrated in that I fertilized and now the lawn is acting like I poured gasoline on it or something. Good Grief! Anyways, got the lawn watered, and am currently working on watering the garden. Visited my parents and got the low down on the family.
My presentation today was okay. I don't think it was the best but it was far from the worst. My facilitator (the lady who works with the teachers before they come to my presentation) jumped in at the end of one of my activities and basically invalidated what I had just said. That was awkward! I was upset, but went with it. I can't believe that after tomorrows presentation (in my own district-scary) I will be almost 1/2 done. WOW! The downside is that my summer is about 1/2 over as well.
Our van is heading back to the shop in the morning (my wife has to take it as I have to be gone by 6:30am-YUCK!) She is also leaving for a reunion Thursday morning so we have to get her ready to leave.
I am getting anxious to start working in my classroom and share the funny things are I am positive will happen- not to mention, next summer you will get to live through my masters in admin with me. Lucky you!
Well, off to move the water in the garden (The plants got HUGE while we were gone- Miracle Grow REALLY works!) and then go to bed! I promise to do a podcast this week- so look (or listen) for that. Happy day and evening to all!

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