Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Morning-

Have you ever noticed how in motel rooms everything seems amplified! MY baby son was crying and I felt like the whole motel would be knocking on our door telling us to "Quiet It Up In There!" But they didn't and I doubt anyone could really hear him. Once he was asleep he was out until 7am- that was nice. I fell asleep snuggling up the kids. I layed down between them to watch cartoons and the next thing I knew my wife was telling me to get out of their bed and get in my own. Dreams are another weird thing. My wife rarely remembers hers, I almost ALWAYS remember mine. Our van was the star of my dream last night- I know it is because I am stressed about it. Anyways that is neither here nor there. We will be leaving in a couple of hours to head to the next presentation. Then we are heading home and I will drive from there to the next presentation in my own school district. I really need to spend some time in my classroom getting it ready for next year. I usually do that all summer, but this year it will be a week long crunch to get it in place. No fear though, I AM amazing after all! I will show pictures of my classroom setup and such when I get it all ready to go. Adieu until later...

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