Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tick, Tick, Tick

I must say that sitting here watching the Marvin counter above count down isn't really bringing me much happiness!

I do have good things to report! I have made it safely with my family to the beginning of the end of CORE Academy. Two days and it will be over. It has been good and I am thankful for the chance I have had to meet and interact with over 400 sixth grade teachers! But it will be nice to focus on my family and getting ready for the school year.

I also just created another BLOG. One that I think will really be a success! http://teachertechhelper.blogspot.com/
Check it Out! It is new and "young" so be patient, but it is going to be really cool! I am very excited. I also have my amazing younger sister (CS DESIGNS) working on a "real" header for the page as the text just isn't appealing!

I am also considering starting a 3rd blog, but that will be later this year or early next. I want to see how well this one works out!

I hope to be able to write about my presentation tomorrow, well, tomorrow night!

Oh, good news, I was able to contact McDonald's Main Salt Lake Office today. I will be receiving a call tomorrow, at least I was told I will- we shall see.

Based on the fact that it is almost 1am- I am going to go to bed!


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