Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wally World Stinks (and Micky D's and ATT and ...)

I actually am trying not to be angry (AGAIN) over yet another Wal-Mart incident! I hate the store anyways- so what happened today wasn't all that shocking, I think it is more their attitude of "We don't care if we screw you over because there are lots of other people out there!". We made it here to Logan, Utah (which is a really nice city nestled in the Northern part of Utah) and decided that since we are on our last presentation and motel stay (thank goodness) that we would eat a good dinner (Olive Garden) and cruise the main street to see what was in Logan.

When we happened to see a Wal-Mart sign we decided to brave the store as we knew that they had a few items we needed. While visiting the toy department (because you ALWAYS have to visit that department so the kids will chill out) we saw the spinning globe lights and the all three tags below them read 88 Cents. We thought that was cool and added 20 of them to our cart. When we went to check out they rang up for $3.97!!! A huge difference. So they lady was going to override (which she should have seeing the entire display was mispriced and NOT my problem) the price for us. Well a supervisor was called, went and looked and brought all the tags over to "prove" that we were wrong and she was right. Now, I don't care about the price thing- whatever, but her attitude was rude, obnoxious, and irritated. As we left, my wife and I decided that we are going to start looking at other stores to support as Wal-Mart already owns most of the free world. So should you feel inclined- I urge you to also look for other stores to support. Maybe if enough of us get off the "Wal-Mart Addiction" we CAN make a diference in thier bottom line. I mean honestly, we have shopped at Target this week- I think they have just as good of prices and thier store is cleaner, people actually know what they are talking about, and you can find things you need that are IN STOCK!

So that is my rant on Wal-Mart.

I did hear back from McDonald's in Salt Lake today. That lady was also rude and unhelpful. All she said after I explained the problem was "I will pass that on to the owners". I said a lot of things (nothing my mother would be ashamed of) all to the same answer of "I understand, I will pass that on". I told her all she was was a shield for the owners so that they wouldn't have to hear how customers truly felt. I guess that is their problem as well. We refuse to ever eat at McDonald's again. (Which is truly ok as their food is D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!!!!! :))

I guess I sound like a grouchy old man with all the issues. I could even tell you about my trauma with AT&T Cellular Service today as well, but I am still working on that.

Sometimes I just want to scream- WHY ME???? Why do I always get SCREWED over? But I do know that there are reasons beyond my understanding. So, deep breath, and moving on! :)

Tomorrow I am FINALLY finished with CORE Academy and I can focus on getting my classroom ready to go. YEA! And the count down timer will be at ZERO before anyone knows what hit them!

Check out my other blog if you get a minute (teachertechhelper.blogspot.com). I will be adding more posts as soon as I get home and life back to normal!

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  1. I am with you! We can't stand Wal-mart either. It is a sorry excuse for a store. There is never anything in stock, and you're right...it is SO DIRTY! Gag! We are always wishing we had a target or something closer because guaranteed, if people had a different choice, they would not choose Wal-mart!

  2. LOL...I know exactly how you feel about that...What you should have done was take a picture with your phone of the prices with the globes (i think you said) and then when she was being a GROUCH you could just whip out your phone and show her the picture and make her eat her words. I would have went back with her, and made her very much aware that she was wrong, and (if she continued to be rude) i would have asked to speak to her supervisor. I have been there...lol...they don't like it when you try and go over their heads. There has only been very few that the main manager has been a putz, but then one of the CSM's (customer service managers)would come to our rescue. Well...I don't want to take up all of the room here...lol...but you know, get hard evidence that they can't squirm out of...lol :)


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