Friday, September 05, 2008

"The Golden Girls" and Life Lessons

Ok, it is true. My wife and I watch The Golden Girls almost every night. Now, while I don't really appreciate the ideals that the characters portray, I have to say the lesson that are taught are relevant even more know than when they were first created.
Lessons learned:

Lesson #1) No matter what happens stick with those you are close to and love. This is repeated over and over. They might be fighting all the time, but they ALWAYS support each other.

Lesson #2) The elderly are a generation that is to be valued and cherished. Nothing is more refreshing than having a elderly person tell you "what's up". I always smile. I know they are simply trying to share the values they are holding tight too.

Lesson #3) If you want to appear smart hang out with dumb people and if you want to be good looking, hand out with "ugly" people. Not something that I would want to promote with my children however. I have heard these saying a lot. I don't buy it, but that is the lesson.

Lesson #4) Teaching is a valued profession. I appreciate as a teacher, that Dorothy, as a substitute teacher, struggles with the day to day running of a classroom. It is interesting to watch.


Lesson #5) Life can be fun and bubbly. I think this lesson is great one. I have a need to be reminded of this frequently. Those ladies are always smiling and enjoying each others company.

So that is my thought for tonight.


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  1. OK, you did not just say that you watch the Golden Girls, did you?? Like seriously? Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Golden Girls, I could quote it all for you! I seen all of the episodes about a million times, and it will NEVER get old! People laugh at me so much, and I have only ever met one other person that likes that show! Anthony says it stupid, but when it is just me and him, he TOTALLY laughs! How could you not, it's hilarious! Dorothy is my favorite, she is just so mean and sarcastic..she's awesome!


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