Thursday, September 04, 2008

Republican or Democrat?

Readers, Readers, Readers,

Today was a fantastic day. I had a lot of fun at school with my class. I let them chew gum (they had earned the right by being so good). I am thinking that I will invest in a billion packs. The kids were the quietest they had been all year. :)

For student council this year we are selling raffle tickets. (Or should I say that for a donation, you have the chance to win). The prizes are: 1/2 beef, a beautiful quilt (queen size), 10 rounds of golf at the local golf course, and a $50 gift certificate for any business in the county. The tickets are priced well AS well. $5 per ticket, or $20 for 6. So those who live close, buy some up! You don't have to be present to win. So send the money, I'll put your name in and let you know if you won! The drawing will be on Saturday, September 20th after the Charley Jenkins (Free) concert here. Support our Student Council. While I'm at it, if you don't have a school to collect for- keep your Box Tops for Education, Campbell's Soup Labels, and Give 'em 5 lids. We also collect used printer cartridges. There, and now a word from our sponsor.

Moving on.

I had a voice lesson after school. It went great. I am excited to work with a new student. I love to sing and enjoy teaching others. Then I had to head to a local restaurant. I was part of my union's candidate interview process. We had the chance to interview two candidates about their views and stands on educational issues and their agendas if elected for state government. It was interesting and I enjoyed the process. One was a republican and one a democrat. We went with the democrat. That candidate seemed to really know what he/she wanted to do to help education. The republican had NO agenda for public education that he/she could give when asked. So that wasn't good for him/her.

Came home, read scriptures, had prayers, and tucked up my babies.

I have to say that I am tired of the late nights. Not being home with my little ones, not being able to plan for the next day the way I want. Grrrrr....

Well, I do have lots of non-school opinions to share and discuss coming up soon. Have a great night.



  1. If I had ANY way to get out of my town and come to yours on the 20th, I would SO be there! I could give myself a "day after my birthday" present! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Charley Jenkins!!! He performed in Elko a few months back and I bought both his CD's on the spot! Oh, and I would totally contribute to the donation for prizes too! Maybe my mom wants to watch the child.... ;)

  2. It sounds like your school days are filled. That's fun. :) We are so excited to come down. Can't wait to see you :)


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