Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ditto and How!

I think that I could really just type the word "ditto" and post it. Today was a whirlwind of activity. I had a teacher from another school in the district come and teach reading to my class. I really liked the strategies that he showed me and my class. For the most part the kids really enjoyed it. I learned a ton. I am looking forward to injecting lots of the things he taught me, but what I really took from today was that I need not be afraid to mix things up more and not to assume my kids can't handle lots of ideas at one time.

After school I got tomorrow planned out (mostly) and headed home. I had to pick up my counselors and head out to a family in the ward who needed us to bring dinner to them. We got it delivered, and then visited a few families. It was nice to get and visit and it was nice to be welcomed in their homes. I love serving the Lord. He truly does bless us when we follow his commandments.

Next came a voice lesson. That was very enjoyable. I have some great voice students. I truly enjoy working with them. It is fun and stress relieving.

Dinner was nice. Again, I love sitting with my sweet family and hearing about the triumphs and struggles of their day. I have such a sweet family.

That brings us to about now. I have a mountain of papers to correct and get into my gradebook tonight, so I better sign off and do that.


P.S. The picture is one my wife and I took when we went to Texas at the first of the year. I thought it was really funny! Enjoy.

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