Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Exactly When Do I Breathe?


Today was a day! Made it to school on time. Chalk one up for the family.
School went well. The kids were a bit talkative, but that is to be expected after a long weekend. We had a great day and actually got a lot done. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I have arranged for another teacher in the district to come to my classroom and do a reading workshop presentation. I am really looking forward to him coming and trying his strategies. His kids ALWAYS test really well at the end of the year so I am anxious to learn from him.

After school, I stayed and planned until after 5 p.m. for tomorrow. It always feels nice to walk away from school knowing that the next day is ready to go.

Came home and had dinner with my wife and kids. That was nice to sit down together and visit about the day and what each child did and enjoyed. I love that reporting from my children. I love to know what they are doing and what they enjoyed about the day.

I then had to jet to a house here in town. The new Home Ec. teacher and her husband are moving into a rental. A bunch of ward members gathered and helped unload their U-Haul in 28 minutes flat. It was awesome.

Headed straight from there to the High School for a board meeting. I am on the executive board of Dream Builders- Hope of Tomorrow. It was informative and we got a lot done. We are trying to get our corporation made into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our primary purpose is to support the youth of our town by providing them with experiences that will prepare them to face the future by knowing what they want to be and how to achieve it. I am excited to be apart of this.

Headed home and worked on editing a song for a contestant in the local queen pageant. Got it finished and now I sitting here thinking how tired I am, thinking that I don't really WANT to be at the school tomorrow by 7am so I can be at faculty meeting. It doesn't end there either. After school we are visiting families as an Elders Quorum Presidency and then I have a voice lesson. Wahoo... Go me. I also put in a letter of intent to serve on the medical center's board of directors. It was read at their board meeting tonight and filed. Whatever that means.

I guess now that it is 11pm, I should head to bed.


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