Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day 2008

I know. That makes it sound so exciting, when in reality it wasn't. The good part about today has been that the temperature hasn't hit about 80 degrees. Well, that wasn't the only thing. I was able to mow my parents lawn (that was fun in the rain- I got TOTALLY SOAKED!), was able to finish planning out my day for tomorrow at the school (also had to water the plants in the library), and turn in my letter of intent to serve on the local medical center board of directors. I have helped my sister-in-law add some things to her blog and get it burned with Feed Burner. Now she can have subscribers. Check out her site HERE.

The ladies have had a great day working on their crafting. They have mostly got their projects done. It is funny to listen to them talking about scrapbooking. I am glad my wife has her sister. They get along so well.

Tomorrow is back to school. After school is a board of directors meeting for another organization I am on. I am looking forward to that meeting. I like being involved and knowing what is going on, how to help, and the like. Thursday I was asked to attend a meeting for our local union. That is going to be interesting as well.

Well, I need to type up a letter for my wife's and mine music students. We have changed our policy- Pay a month in advance and if you miss a lesson without 24 hour notice, you forfeit your payment for that lesson. We have had a few too many experiences where we have waited around for a student only to find out that they forgot, had practice, whatever. I agree that life happens, and that is fine, but we need our students to be serious about making it to lessons.

Well, that about wraps up this exciting day!


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  1. I am excited to see all of their crafts at Melon Days. Heidi and I are so excited too..hopefully people will like the things that we have as well.


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