Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Part 2: The Return

So, we were at Death con 3 when I last left off. My sister came down to the cars and pulled her truck up next to mine. We jumped the van, and sure enough it started right up. (I had called my dad and told him what it was doing. He said it was probably the battery or alternator.) We were going to head on out when I noticed that I needed fuel. I told my wife and sister that I was worried about turning off the van because it may not start again.

"Well, turn it off," my sister said. "And see if it will start again!"

"Are you sure? You just moved your truck back."

"Do it! I can move it back!"

And so I turned the van off. And guess what!

Yep, that's right- it DIDn't start! So she pulled back over, we jumped it again and went straight to Checker Auto so they could check the battery and alternator. After a brief test (that left me wondering if he truly knew what he was doing), he said the battery was D-E-A-D! So, we went to Firestone to see what they would charge to replace it. With labor it was $112! That would have been almost $50 in labor. My sister's husband had just got off work and said that he would replace it with me. (okay, okay. You all know me well enough. He said it would replace it FOR me!) So I watched (and helped a little) as my sister and her husband took out the old battery. Me and my brother-in-law took it to Wal-Mart (hated having to do that!) to got a new one (batteries are VERY expensive if you had forgotten that). Got the new battery in the van (4 hours now, from the time we had planned to head to Idaho) and took it BACK to Checker Auto. They checked and said that the alternator WAS charging, and that everything looked good to go. YEA!

We went to the gas station, gassed up, and headed out. We made it 30 minutes after the viewing. That was the only sad part. We got there, got our room, and settled in. The kids loved the bunk beds.

Tuesday morning we went to the funeral. It was very uplifting. It was nice to think about grandma and remember all the good times with her.

After the funeral and luncheon, we went to grandma's house and changed. My wife took pictures of lots of things in the house that she remembered from growing up. Then we headed home.
After 6.5 hours of STRAIGHT driving (well, we stopped for fuel and snacks) we made it home. We left Idaho @ 3:20pm and got home about 10:15pm. We got unloaded and made it to bed. It was nice to also have our oldest son home with us.

Today went ok. We had our guest author in class today. Writing went well. I enjoyed visiting with her and having her help me teach my class about writing dialogue correctly. I get a little nervous to teach with her listening. I am teaching something that I feel I am good at, but don't have all the technical skills to be perfect at it. I guess teaching 6th grade, I don't need to stress too much. The High school teacher can panic over those things!

The musical practice is getting much better. I am excited for this musical. The kids are energized, and it really lifted my spirits to work with them.

That about wraps up my day! Thanks for reading.



  1. LOL. Thanks for the rest of the story ;)
    I am glad you came it was so fun! I can't wait till thanksgiving!!! hehe

  2. And no need to be nervous when I'm listening. You are doing an excellent job and I'm just following your lead. I don't profess to know everything about writing. I have had help the last few years of my career as a writer. You know more than you think you do.

    I'm thankful the trip was worth it and that you made it safe and sound. I would have really missed not coming to class at least once this week.

    Gotta have my 6th grade fix - lol.

    I'm learning too and enjoying myself. I hope this will be a regular thing and remember you started me with the virtual class visits and now you are stuck with me.

    Will see you upon my return from my mini trip - E :)

  3. Rough trip you will always remember. Sounds fun!


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