Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, Again???

So Friday should be a happy day. A day when we know that we will have 2 glorious days to bask in the glow of not having to work (and for those of us who work the weekends, we generally have a "Friday" at some point in the week, so this is still a valid point- or will be when I get to it!) and get around to all those "To Do" items that we let stack up around us during the week.

If you're like me, you are finding that there really IS no "Friday" anymore. Work seems to be running 24-7 these days. Why is that? What has changed Friday from a day to look forward too, to a day that is just another day. That is the question of the day! So, chime in with your opinion. Let's hear about it.

I know for myself, and being a school teacher, there really never is a "day off".
(I have always loved the misconception by people that teaching is merely a 9 month job with 3 months off- paid even! I always laugh and they ask what was so funny. Then I get to take a minute a truly explain what our job entails: 9 months of interacting with kids, endless hours before and after school hours planning lessons and activities, continuing professional development (at our own expense), working for re-certification requirements and cost, and working with parents and students everywhere we go whether it is during schools hours or not. These are months we are PAID for. Then I get to explain how the other 3 months work. See, they take our salaries for a 9 month period and divide it by 12. So, NO, we are NOT paid for three months in the summer, they simply spread our salaries out over 12 months. Those over 3 months, when teachers are planning out the next year, taking college classes to keep up with re-certification, and studying their curriculum to be better informed for the next year. This is the time when we donate our time. I wish there was a tax deduction for donated time. I would be R-I-C-H!!!! Anyways enough of this particular thought for now!)
I always have something that I have to get done for school. Thank heavens I have a patient and supportive wife, who, rather than nag me about school, works with me to get projects done quickly so we can spend more time together. As to what happened to "Friday" for me, simply the fact that I have involved myself much to deeply in too many activities. So, I must blame myself so that one, but I am curious to see why you think our built-in, days of rest and relaxation seem to be dwindling. So, do tell!


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  1. Why Fridays are no longer enjoyable days to look forward to - in my case, I end up working pretty much on my days off. As a medical transcriptionist and supposed to have Friday and Saturdays off, there is always work to be done. I need to work full-time in order to provide for the family or to save up for my upcoming trips with my book stuff.

    And with teenagers who are not eligible or old enough to drive yet - my life is nonstop with running them here, there and everywhere. So it seems one day blurs to the next and there are "no days off". Things will settle down a bit for me now that "marching band season" is over.

    But I concur - there are no days to look forward to unless you are lucky enough to volunteer at a book festival or conference and put in for some time off - lol - but I digress. See you in the postings - E :)


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