Sunday, October 26, 2008

Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Conferences

Report Card Time!

I just spent 3 hours filling them out. Wow! Talk about crazy. I hope that parents get something out of parent teacher conferences. I know that as teachers, we work hard to get them together (ok, maybe I shouldn't generalize. I can't say honestly that I know ALL teachers work hard to prepare. But I do!)

The picture of the report card is the one I settled on this year. In year's past I have always struggled to find a card that I felt really conveyed the information that I wanted to share with parents. This is one I "borrowed" from the 3rd grade teacher and then made my own. It still needs a few tweaks (next year though, for I have already printed and filled this years out!) and then it should be good to go.

For those who are interested in seeing it up close, and what I will be sharing with parents, simply click on the picture. It should show up in a larger version.
Yesterday was great. I was able to make new ringtones for my phone ( I did that instead of work on my report cards- shame on me!) I made a great Halloween one.

I hesitate to admit...I mean report, that I have finished Twlight by Stephanie Meyer. I have to say that it wasn't anywhere NEAR as bad as I had feared, but it wasn't as good (sorry ladies) as everyone made it out to be. I think that she left out key scenes hoping we wouldn't notice. It was kind of trite, but overall, it had a decent story line. I am in process of reading the other books. I drag my heels, but realize the sooner I get it over with the sooner I can move back into my genre of reading. (Love you dear wife :) )

Well, I have several assignments that are due for school, so I best be on to them. The question I would like to leave with my readers is this:

When you attend a parent-teacher-(and sometimes student) conference, what is it that you are looking for? What is it that you would like the teacher to tell you, have prepared for you?

And teachers, what is it you expect parents to come knowing? Or wanting? Or prepared for?

Please leave a comment with your thoughts and questions!


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  1. Ok- I think it is really nice that when your kids are doing good in school, that the parents know what they are doing well in. I think sometimes we think that we only go with the intention of knowing what our kids need improvement on, but I really like to hear how everything is going.Be honest with the parents because it is in yours and the students best interests.


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