Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Want Me To WHAT In 3 Weeks????

Well, today I learned some rather stressful news. The high school here has asked me to help with the music for the musical they are doing- School House Rocks (Jr. Edition). So I show up at practice today and finally got all the materials I will need to be in charge of the music. Then I find out that they are performing this musical in 3 weeks! 18 days TOTAL to get an entire production ready to go. WOW! It can be done, I know that. But Wow! The kids are going to have to eat, breathe, sleep, and even dream the music. She was able to get them rehearsal CD's. So that should really help. It was disappointing in how few of the older kids wanted to participate. Most of the kids in the show are in 8th grade or younger. It is going to be fun, and simply another adventure to share with in my crazy life. (What's even MORE weird is that I have taught almost all the kids that are in the play this year!)

I went to tutoring today. That was an exciting adventure. I show up and the student had an attitude. When I tried to get the student to work, the student told me that the work could be done when I was gone and to do something else. I told the student ok, but it never is. The comment that came out as the discussion continued was, "And you tell me that I'm immature." That was when I stood up and walked out. I don't need that garbage, especially when I have TONS of things that I need and want to do. I felt bad about leaving knowing that the grandmother will be left dealing all the problems from that.

School went ok. It was a better day than most others. Mrs. E joined us for writing again. That was a blast. She is such a great experience for my kids. And I am starting to hear from parents how much their kids talk about that being their favorite part of the school day. Yea for the author! She IS pretty amazing. I am excited to host her book in November. You'll have to stop by and check it out, ask questions, and such!

Well, I think that has sufficiently covered my day...Oh wait. We put up our inflatable pumpkins and real pumpkins all over the yard. It turned out good. It's weird to have grass. We didn't last year! Yea us.


P.S. My student that I tutor just called and apologized for being disrepsectful. Good for that student. Going back Thursday! I guess we will see how it goes.


  1. Who is the music teacher in highschool now?

  2. Well, Mr. Simmons is the "music" teacher, Mr. White is the Drama teacher, and Ms. Williams is the English teacher who is directing (for the first time). Should be exciting!

  3. Good thing it's School House Rocks and not something more in depth! Our combined high schools' (actually the area rival schools) are doing Grease... too fun! But that means 2 drama teachers, our choir teacher, their accompanist, and on and on! Interesting things that you learn and get to do living in a small town! ;)

  4. Well, Mr. Hughes, if you weren't so DARN talented, you wouldn't have so many stressful things to do! :)


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