Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Crazy! That is the adjective that I would choose for the past couple of days. I have worked REALLY hard to be positive. Has it been a true success? Partially. Mostly the part that is failing in the part where I forget that I am working on focusing only on the positive. But I have noticed, that since I have started praising the kids that ARE on task, there seems to be less of task behavior to stress over.

Part of the problem this week is that we are having our school program. Ok, so that isn't a problem in and of itself, but it has caused my schedule to be totally wacky, and the kids feel that the day isn't structured any more and so they are forgetting that we have rules and expectations. But I do have to give them credit. Sitting on a riser for over and hour each practice (there were 2 just today) can really be a struggle for even the best of students. So I have been very appreciative of how well they have done.)

Good news, we finally have our new sign up and I am in control- Ah Ah Ha! Just kidding. I have put in over 2 hours already just putting up 4 simple messages. It will be a lot of fun though and I am very excited for the communication tool that we now have!

Well, I better run along. I need to go and eat dinner with my family. Hope everyone is staying cooler than we are (mid to high 90's here. We went from winter to summer with no Spring. I am very sad.)


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