Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Know I Should Be Paying Attention to My Teacher...

But, I just don't wanna. I have been sitting in my Master's Classes now for almost 3 hours, and I am starting to really just not be able to focus anymore. It doesn't help that I am getting extremely anxious about having to write a 15- page paper (and it isn't even due until May- lol)

(Okay fast forward 14 hours- I am now at school after a long Wednesday)

Last night was eventful! As I was leaving class to come home, I slipped on some ice at the high school and fell hard. My keys were in my hands and cut my palm, I bruised my hip, butt, side, back, and knee. My biggest fear was that I had smashed my computer and iPod Touch (I am happy to report that both survived my big body). It was embarrassing and very cold! My wife cleaned up my cut (I don't do blood), and I am just R-E-A-L-L-Y sore today. Such is life!

Today was a great day. I have been pretty down this week about teaching again. I am not so sure why. I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that I am a perfectionist and I simply want EVERY child to find success at school. Then I turn around and do something silly or a little disrespectful to a student. How can I NOT expect them to start acting up. They are only following my lead. I am trying REALLY hard to not be rude or crazy with the kids. They are such great students. I am grateful to have such a fun class this year!

Well, I best get back to helping the student who is here for help.


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  1. Those slip and falls have resulted in many injuries (at least that I've typed in the last few weeks - like wrist fractures and busted knees and other bones) so please be careful on the ice.

    As far you not wanting to teach or listen to your teacher, I think some of it has to do with the winter weather - all the snow and ice you have had and possibly a little SAD (seasonal affective dirosrder) going on. It happens - about the same time every year - mostly it has to do with not getting enough sun due to the weather being too cold for one to be outside. Get some OTC calcium with vitamin D and take some extra Vitamin D. Call your doctor and find out how much you need. The calcium and vitamin D kind of need to be taken together. You should have had some lab work done before your scope a couple of weeks ago and they could run a vitamin D level on you. (The rheumatologist in Wyoming that I type reports for is recommending that her RA patients have a level above 50 so anything below that would be suboptimal and you would need to supplement your D). She usually reccommends 2000 to 5000 units in the winter time for her patients and sometimes if they have really low levels (like in the teens) she will put them on 50,000 units weekly plus a maintenance dose of 2000 to 5000 during the winter. So maybe what you need is some calcium and vitamin D for the winters.

    There may also be something else going on with you with your teaching that could be causing you to be snappy some days - lol - but I'm not a counselor and can only offer a shoulder as a friend - lol - I'm here if you need to talk - E ;)


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