Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Well...I am NOT going to die!

I must say that having my throat scoped was an interesting experience.
I wasn't nervous about what they would find, but rather what would happen to me. We arrived at the hospital and checked-in and forked over a couple hundred dollars for my co-pay. We went back to inpatient pre-op and I got to put on one of those awesome little hospital gowns. I got in the bed and we waited for over an hour before the nurse came in and prepped me (IV, etc). Then the assistant nurse came in and talked to us. He was a funny guy. He wheeled me down to the room where the doctor was going to do the scope. I was a little nervous being in this big room with bright lights and what looked like an auto shop with all the metal tool chests everywhere.
He gave me a little pill and told me that I had to bite hard on it and swallow all the contents, but NOT the shell. I put the pill in my mouth and bit hard. HOLY CRAP! That was the nastiest tasting stuff I have ever tasted. He laughed when he saw my face and told me, "By the way, that tastes really nasty!" Thanks for that! I spit out the little shell and laid back on the pillow. He told me that it would start to numb my throat. My tongue went numb first. That is a bizarre feeling to say the least.

Another nurse came in and they had me turn on my side and propped me up with pillows. Then Grant (my nurse who brought me to the OR) told me he was going to give me my "happy juice". This was the part that I was very curious to experience. What would it be like. I was also thinking I hope I don't say anything too dumb while I am loony! After he injected it into my IV he told me to close my eyes and relax. I had my eyes open and I was watching the two clocks on the wall (at least I think there were two of them- lol) When they started to swirl and move around I knew something was up. Grant told me to close my eyes and relax. I did. I think I remember the part where I was really gagging on the scope, but I am not sure.

The next think I remember is waking up with my wife holding my hand and me having the hiccups. Okay, I remember sort of waking up off and on for over about two hours (at least that is what my wife told me). They let me leave after I went to the bathroom and could stand up by myself. I still don't really remember everything, but that is okay.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. I am NOT however, excited to get the bill for this mess, but my wife will be much more at peace now. (I love you dear!)

But the long story short is that they found nothing that would suggest cancer, but they did find a small hernia, and some irritation in the upper and lower stomach. We will know in a couple weeks what biopsy results are.

The only part that is driving me crazy is that the procedure has given me the hiccups. When I get the hiccups they generally last for 3-4 days and HURT SO BAD! I have really tried about everything (that I would deem safe) to get rid of them, and even my old back-up trick isn't working.
MIRACLE- They just went away again! I am sure it will be short lived, but what a blessed break.


  1. Well we are glad that you are going to live :) Glad it went okay, and hopefully it will make everyone feel better. Bwahhaha just kidding, had to throw it in there. :)

  2. I laughed at the previous comment, because I was about to put "Glad you're going to live"... Great minds! ;) Hoping those stinkin hiccups stay away... they're never any good! ;)

  3. Serious subject...funny post!! I'm glad there was no cancer!! I hope those hiccups go away soon!

  4. Hiatal hernias can cause that swallowing problem you are experiencing but it's not an explanation for it all. From the sounds on the other blog from your wife, it sounds like you have ulcers (ulcerative colitis or even Helicobacter pylori - which will be treated with some antidyspeptic medications like Nexium or if it is the latter, antibiotics and a long-term medication like Prilosec, Zantac or even Nexium).

    Hopefully the results will show something that can be taken care of rather quickly and no surgery or anything else is needed.

    Glad you made it through the scoping and biopsy. Waiting anxiously with you to find out what is said about your stomach inflammation - E :)

  5. So happy that you're going to live!!


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