Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dear Allisha,

As the love of my life (and eternity) I just wanted to see if you were aware of a few things:

1) Did you know you are an amazing mother?
No, really! It's true. You are so wonderful with our 5 little hoodlums- patient, supportive, and really know how to let the kids be kids (something I seem to struggle with). You clean the house, do the laundry, and make sure we are well fed (anyone can see this is true simply by looking at my waistline!). All this while I am running from one meeting to the other and trying to survive paper writing, correcting tests, and reading for my master's classes. Wow!

2) Were you aware of how creative you are?
I don't think you understand just how truly creative you are. I am not sure where all the creative genes came from, but I think you got the lion's share of them in your family. You can easily see color combinations, spacing, and design. You are amazing. Anyone that has been to the house KNOWS that you are the lady for any craft project needed. To simply look at the word sets you create and sell on Melon Days alone, should give just an inkling of how amazing you are. Best around for sure.

3) Did I ever mention how lucky I am to have someone who can play musical instruments?
Not only are you an amazing mother and creatively talented (best by far), you can play multiple musical instruments. Granted, music is how we met, so we KNEW it would be an important part of our lives. I can't describe how wonderful it is to be able to sing practically any song I want because I know that you will be there to play for me. I want you to know that I can never describe the moments of peace I have been able to enjoy because you were willing to sit and play for me (sometimes for hours- back when I had a voice). Thanks for that! All this and then you use this gift of music not only to help make money, but also to teach our beautiful babies the joy and wonder of music. (Also, you play a mean radio and I love searching for new songs to add to our iTunes library- lol)

4) I wonder if you have thought about just how caring and selfless you are?
When ever you hear of trouble or heartache, you immediately seek to find out how you can help. Sometimes you are rejected by those who aren't quite ready or willing to share their hurting or sorrow, but you don't give up, you wait and try again. Thanks for that wonderful example.

5) I hope you know just how good you are at making priorities.
Yup, it's true, You know what and who is important in your life and you act in the best interest of those priorities. Sometimes people don't like your choices and hurt your feelings in the process, but I am SO proud of you for doing what YOU feel is important, not what other people think should be important. You always put our little family first and then work from there. True, people will want you to shift/change for their benefit, but I know you and you won't change- I love that about you!

6) Last, but not least- Do you know just how loved you are?
I hope that it is evident just how much I love you. I know that little things can say a lot, and I think at times you feel like I don't notice all the small things you do. I promise that I do notice, and that my life would come to a screeching halt if you quit helping me. I am terrible at letting you know just how amazing you are. I take a lot for granted, and I shouldn't. I love you, Allisha, with all that I am. Thank you for being you- my amazing, loving, talented, creative, musical, loved wife.

I could make a list that went on for YEARS! But these are the things I really wanted to tell you about. So, Happy Mother's Day to one amazing lady!



  1. So sweet! We think Allisha is pretty amazing too! :)

  2. Sounds like you and your wife have a great relationship. A good marriage is a blessing!
    After school is out and when you have time, let me know how fiction writing progressed in your class. If you ran into problems, perhaps I can help brainstorm solutions. Carol

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