Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Most Wonderful Women in the World

Today is my wife's birthday. Wahoo! So far we have exercised at the track, taught a voice lesson, and done haircuts. What a birthday!- lol
That's okay. I plan to take her to dinner this evening (thanks to a wonderful family in the ward for offering to watch the kiddos!) and I have some gifts for her. I also have plans to make her a birthday cake (ha, ha- this should be great, me cooking!) amidst all this I am also supposed to write 2 papers and read a textbook and 3 articles. Oh well, family is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than school right now (and forever).
I love you honey! Happy Birthday and thanks for being so wonderful!


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  1. You made a cake?? Didn't you have a hard time in Home Ec? Ha ha- Hope it was good!!??? Happy Birthday Allisha!


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