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4th of July 2010-Family, Friends, BBQ, and Parade

Dear Reader,
Saturday was such a wonderful day! It started with the scrumptious breakfast my wife surprised us with and only got better and better. Below is a long string of photos to help tell about the fun and fulfilling day! I hope you enjoy reading and looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed the day with my little family!

This is our annual family photo! Of the many that we had taken, this was the best. I have such a cute little family and they are growing up so fast.

The kids decided to decorate the back patio for the BBQ we were planning for that evening with my parents and a good friend, Ms. D! Here is my oldest son handing out gold stars with "Happy 4th of July" written on them with a hand-drawn firework exploding in air! Too cute!

My mom and dad brought the kids the little poppers that you throw down to make a bang. My word, you would have thought it had snowed in our backyard with the amount of "white" that hit the ground. It was all good. The kids had a blast with them and my oldest even swept the patio off after they were finished.

Here they are! The wonderful grandparents. Where would we be without you two! Thanks for all your help, love, and support. It is nice to have you so close. :)

Here is the 4th of July spread. Talk about Y-U-M-M-Y! From the homemade potato salad, to the fresh grapes, deviled eggs, fresh made fruit salad, and green salad with radishes from our own garden WE WERE SET! Thanks babe for making such a wonderful array to choose from- Oh ya! Forget to list the TASTY corn on the cob!

Thanks to grandma and grandpa, the grill had more than just "tube steaks" (a.k.a hot dogs). With chicken, steak, hot dogs, and brats we had plenty-o-meat! Nothing like a great piece of meat to round out a good old fashioned meal! (Great job on the grilling grandpa! You are truly a pro when it comes to the old Bar-b")

With little "E" on the move constantly now, it was nice to have grandma here to help keep him out of trouble (like not falling off the back deck, or wandering into the garden, or burning his feet on the hot sand...) Thanks grandma! (P.S. You can tell he LOVED being corralled!

BUSTED! My oldest was trying to sneak some chips or grapes- something. But he got, in the words of Candice Flynn- Busted, B-U-S-T-E-D!

Once the dinner bell rang, it was time to CHOW! Everyone settled into a happy eating rhythm. "M" was funny. He is a food "collector". He wants everything on the table on his plate before he will eat. So, needless to say he had quite the collection. He sure does love that whipped-fruit salad. I think he had 3-4 helping of that tasty blackberriness goodness!

One of the few photos of my wife (in grey) and our good friend (in teal). She will probably kill me for posting this photo, but I have to post what I have... (at least that is what I am going with...)

Little "E" sure enjoyed his meal! He refused to keep his "Chick Magnet" bib on. He must not of been feeling the groove... What a sweet boy he is!

"M" didn't really want to eat his corn on the cob, but was willing to pose for a picture. At least we got him to eat a few bites (of course we had to "retake" pictures a few times in the process...glad he never figured out our evil scheme! Bwahaha!)

Missy Moo sure enjoyed that steak. My kids will ALL choose steak over any other meat every time. They TOTALLY get that from me. I will gladly take all the credit for that one!

Missy saw her cousins hair on my sister-in-laws blog and wanted her hair to be patriotic too! So my amazing wife hooked her up! It was poofy, ribboned, and stinkin' cute!

The kids wanted to do a parade just for our BBQ. They have wanted to decorate their bikes for several years. Since we were not planning on attending the city shindig, but doing our own thing this year, we let them spruce up their bikes. The spent almost two hours cutting, coloring, wrapping, and taping red, white, and blue items to their bikes! We had them hide their bikes until the BBQ. It was hard for the little one not to give away the surprise, and he almost did a couple of times! I think everyone was surprised and the kids LOVED riding their bikes around the backyard several times while we all clapped and cheered! What a bunch of cuties! Below are the pictures of us decorating the bikes AND the actual "parade".

Talk about one very long and wonderful day. I got sunburned pretty bad on my face and neck. But it was worth it. You can see that my littlest one had a good day too.

The perfect end to the perfect day. Sleep well, little one, sleep well!
What a blessing being a citizen of this Great Nation is for me and my family. I truly am lucky to have the freedoms that I do. May God continue to bless our country- now and forever.


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  1. Thanks for the nice bum shot dear! Really wish you would have left that one out! lol


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