Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heading Out...

Well, I am heading out for three days to a teacher workshop. It will be nice to see my sister (thanks sis, for letting me come and stay at your house). It will also be nice to escape my masters classes for a while. I am pretty fed up right now.
Our professor "forgot" there would be no class today (Monday) due to the holiday, so instead of class, he assigned us a 5 hour powerpoint project with a 9pm deadline. I turned mine in 4 minutes late, and it didn't have half of what I wanted to put in it. I am SO frustrated. I spent almost 9 hours on that dumb assignment. It was about how the judiciary branch affects education reform and policy. One article went on and on about how lawyers were the answer to education reform, and they ought to be invited to join the discussion. Whatever- lol.
I have ONE MORE ASSIGNMENT and then I am done with summer classes FOREVER (at least I HOPE it is forever!) I only have 4 more classes until I graduate. YEA! I can't wait for this program to be over- I am very tired of READING articles and WRITING essays. Wait...I sound like my 6th graders who get tired of reading and writing all the time.
I am getting more and more anxious (this relates more to excited) to get into my classroom and clean it out and up. I plan on really de-junking this year. If I haven't used it or seen it in the last 5 years, then I don't really think that I need it now- so it is GOING IN THE TRASH!
Well, since it is almost 12:30am and I am supposed to leave at 6:30am, I best head to bed (after I finish packing).

My wife has started to paint the kitchen. She has been working on it since I started working ony my class project- that was around 2pm. She has almost finished the bottom half color (she is going to two-tone the walls. Top half a yellowish color- the bottom half a tan-ish brown) It is looking SO nice. I am excited to see the finished product when I get back from my workshop. Way to go honey- you ROCK!


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