Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Great Way to Start the 4th! :)

Our 4th of July started with a great breakfast! My amazing wife had fun making a breakfast fit for the over-throw of a king! (I was mowing and trimming the lawn- tee hee) Below are some great pictures of our little family pigging out! I especially love how my daughter used her amazing creativeness (totally gets that from her mother 1000000000%).

My baby boy was trying to see the piece of waffle he had put on the top of his sippy- it made him go cross-eyed!

*Disclaimer- the brown item in his nose is a piece of zucchini bread! No, really, it is!

Such a serious little man!

My "Z" man and his 4th of July creation.

Just so you know, those are bunny ears- Not a peace sign! Either way, he sure is stinkin' handsome! (and he is growing up SO FAST- AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

Talk about a little cheese-ball! Our little "M" is such a silly boy! Always ready to laugh (and sometimes in his 'evil' little giggle which I am trying to capture on video for your viewing pleasure). He was very proud of his creation. In fact, he kept on sneaking strawberries when we weren't looking to add to his pile! I think he had about half of the bowl on there before he was done! What a cutie he is!

And Now...Presenting...Missy Moo's Morning Medley of Magnificence (TA-DA):

First the making of Old Glory!

Next she adds the stars!

and here we have the finished (and delicious looking) edible American flag!
I think she enjoyed eating far more than creating it however! :)

And for the finale, here is MY patriotic medley- triple stack with whip cream and freshly unfrozen strawberries- YYYUUUUUMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!

I look forward to posting more about our adventures throughout the day. We are planning a BBQ tonight with my parents and a friend! It is going to be a blast- except for the fact that we may be eatin' alive by mosquitos!


P.S. I realize that my wife does not have her breakfast creation on here. She was running the camera and therefore is exempt-(for now- BWAAHAHA!)

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