Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Letter from My Professor...

I logged into my masters class e-mail system to find this little gem waiting for me:

"Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact that the U will be closed on this Monday, July 5th, therefore we will not be meeting for our last class. Don and I are working on a final assignment that you'll be able to complete in the time alloted for our class meeting. I'll post it on Monday and give you until Tuesday at noon to complete. It was a pleasure having everyone in class and I look forward to reading your final two papers and this final assignment. Have a great rest of the summer."

Now, before you go all congratulatory on me- reread the bolded sentence above again! Let me also remind you that the alloted time slot is F-I-V-E hours long! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

I was so excited to have almost completed my three political analysis essays when I received the above stated news. So much for feeling like I accomplished something.- lol

I am happy to report that I HAVE finished said essays, and will wait until tomorrow to brave the re-read and destroy mode! I feel it is best to just let my frazzled brain enjoy a few minutes of happiness...or what ever frazzled brains do.

I guess since it is one o'clock and my little fingers are so exhausted from the 10 hours of typing they have done today that they can't type straight anymore (I just corrected almost every word in this sentence at least once), AND I am still trying to finish a post to the class discussion board I will surrender for tonight!


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