Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Buddy Turned THREE!

(Okay, so I have to admit this is an almost total rip-off post from my wife's blog. But hey! I took a lot of these pictures- Thanks Honey! I love you! :P )

I can't believe my little boy just turned 3. What a silly boy he is! He had been asking when his "birf-day" was for weeks. When he woke up and we told him it was his birthday he was so excited.

My wife took some great photos of him before church. He is such a cheezer!

A few things about Micah at this age... (RIP-OFF ALERT- RIP OFF ALERT)

He is our eater. He loves food. He can eat an entire meal, clean his plate, and 5 minutes later state that he is hungry and can he have a snack? This boy NEVER stops moving. He is a goer. He loves to play outside, even if it's all by himself. I've found him in the front yard riding his bike on the sidewalk just singing or talking away to himself, and in the back yard swinging as high as he can go. He is very easy going, and will mostly do what the other kids want him to. The one thing he does that drives us crazy is scratch his mosquito bites. If he has a lot of them he looks like he has some sort of disease! He is getting better--as long as we keep cream on them. It seems to help with the itch. He loves his spikey hair, and often will go wet it down and comb them back up so they are "super spikey". His favorite shows to watch on TV are Dora or Diego, Avatar the Last Airbender, or Phineas and Ferb. He weighs 36.8 pounds, and is 38 inches tall.
Some funny things Micah says are..."Yeah, sure" if he is asked pretty much anything. It answers a question, if you ask if he is okay, or to do something for you. It is usually accompanied with a shoulder shrug. Another funny thing he says all the time is, "dang it!" It's not really when he is mad, just when he wants to do something and you tell him no. We've had "biggles" (bagels) for breakfast, and gone swimming in our "swimming soups" (suits). And, we are going to "Magoon" (Lagoon) next week. This little kid makes us laugh almost daily with the things he says.

Having his birthday fall on a Sunday, he was excited to go to nursery and tell his teachers. After church they dropped by with a little treat and sang to him. He was grinning the whole time. :)

We kept it simple and just did family stuff here at home. Micah wanted biscuts and gravy for his birthday dinner. One of his favorites, and ours too! We were glad we didn't have to endure the usual macaroni and cheese that usually comes with birthday dinners at this age. :) After dinner we opened presents. Micah was a hard one this year. He honestly needed nothing. I guess that comes from having two older brothers and lots of hand-me-downs. In the end he was super excited about what we got him.

We decided to add to his Thomas the train set. I don't think he's ever even watched Thomas the Train, but he sure loves to play with that train set (a hand-me-down from Zander). It is easy enough for him to put together himself, and there aren't too many pieces to get overwhelmed with. We bought him two additional cars, and another fold up barn that his track hooks into.

Of course, as soon as his new track was out of the box, he ran to get the other track to try it out.

We also bought him his own box of fruit snacks. If you can't tell, this boy LOVES them! LOL He was so excited!

Our neighbor brought over a hand-me-down bike that her son had outgrown, so we got him some training wheels for it. He hasn't quite figured out how to keep pedaling without pushing on the brake each time he goes around. He'll get there. :) Grandma and Grandpa Hughes bought him a new hot wheels bike to ride around outside. It has all the bells and whistles with noises--blinkers with working lights, two different horn sounds, music, the whole nine yards. He has had a lot of fun riding around the house, both in and outside. Grandma and Grandpa Hughes also gave him a new baseball and bat.

Allisha made one really cute cake for him. Notice there are three cars and three candles. My little man LOVED this cake. In fact I catch him on the counter all the time now with a fork sneaking more.

Grandma and Grandpa Millett's package arrived yesterday, so Micah was excited all over again to open all the presents from them.

He got Diego sunglasses, a coloring book, Trio blocks, a cool flip car,

and a new outfit. He loves them all!
Happy birthday buddy!

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